I published some of the utility code for Gamma Void on github under the MIT License. This is not intended to be a packaged library, but rather a collection of useful snippets that would have saved me a lot of time if I had found them in a github repository somewhere. The repository contains about 10k lines of code, about a fifth of the total Gamma Void source, and pretty much all the code that is not game-specific.


  • polygon intersections, interpolation, vector helpers, ternary digits, and more in Geometry.h
  • fast 2d spacial hash in SpacialHash.h
  • a class ‘lstring’ for fast symbol manipulation and easy to use string utils in Str.h
  • ‘copy_ptr’ and ‘watch_ptr’ smart pointers for managing sparse structs and automatically nulling object references on deletion, respectively, in stl_ext.h
  • C++ wrappers for OpenGL buffers and polygon drawing code in Graphics.h
  • Fast shader powered particle system in Particles.h
  • Color transformation utilities in RGB.h
  • mac/win/linux platform layer in Outlaws.h (implementations in ‘os’ directory)


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