Anisoptera Games
Based in Los Angeles, CA

Founding date:
March 23rd, 2013


Press / Business Contact:

@REASSEMBLY_rqd on twitter
@manylegged on twitter
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Anisoptera Games is an independent studio based in Los Angeles. We are interested in games that allow deep and creative interaction with interesting dynamic systems (and also space ships and explosions). Primary inspirations include lego, insect behavior, and military technology. Reassembly is an action oriented spaceship building game. Assemble and reassemble your spaceship out of individual blocks as you explore and conquer a dynamic ecosystem. Everything is modular - destroy enemy ships piece by piece and design your ship to function even when damaged. Spawn fighters to escort you or create new space stations or motherships to help consolidate territory.


Early Access and Launch

Reassembly was deployed on Steam Early Access in November 2014 and released on February 19th 2015 after an epic number of bug fixes. Development is ongoing.

PAX Prime and Kickstarter

Reassembly was part of the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX Prime 2014. A Kickstarter was launched on September 3rd to fund completion of the game, eventually raising 35K, significantly past the inital goal.

Reassembly Alpha

An early build of Reassembly (then called Gamma Void) was released to a small group of alpha testers in February 2014. As the game gets closer to completion the alpha pool will gradually grow.

Early history

Anisoptera Games was founded in early 2013 when Arthur Danskin left his job at Nvidia optimizing performance for AAA games with the DirectX group to bring the space ships he had been dreaming about to life. In their first weekend of existence their team won first prize in the Friskies Gamesforcats.com hackathon. They continued work on the modular spaceship project that would eventually become Reassembly. Reassembly is the culmination of a long series of space ship game prototypes, LEGO creations, and research into social insect behavior, astrodynamics, ancient Chinese fiction, and robotic motion planning. The first line of code was actually written in October of 2012 while Arthur was still working at Nvidia. After a few months of working on the game instead of sleeping Anisoptera Games became a full time project.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "GDC Next MIX Showcase" - GDC Next, Los Angeles, November 2014
  • "Indie MEGABOOTH minibooth" - PAX Prime, Seattle, August 2014
  • "Winner of the Friskies Gamesforcats.com Hackathon" - Los Angeles, 25th March, 2013

Selected Articles

  • "I can't wait for this game to be completed."
    - Jeff Kintner, Gaming Nexus
  • "...the real magic of the game is the ability to design, tweak, and reconfigure just like I had fantasized when I was a child surrounded by a moat of spilled plastic blocks."
    - John Lindvay, Big Sushi
  • "it is vital for players to protect the ship’s most essential parts and if need be, build redundant systems"
    - Mike Mahoney, Gamers in Beta
  • "The game bridges the classic game play of the space shooter with the modern massive multiplayer online universe."
    - Ryan Bradetich, Urban Gaming Elite
  • "Kaleidoscopic visuals impart a unique look that has a truly alien feel- simple, clean, and rather pretty."
    - Olivia Cottrell, Bit Pulse
  • " In addition to building your main ship, you can also design your own fleet of support ships that can be called into battle to provide a bit of backup during hairy situations."
    - Matt Heywood, Entertainment Buddha
  • "Reassembly is a game about space ships, pieced together any which way you like from whatever parts you have available…."
    - James Cunningham, Hardcore Gamer
  • "Assemble and reassemble your spaceship out of individual blocks as you explore and conquer a dynamic ecosystem."
    - Nathan Stevens, Gaming Cypher
  • "It’s also gloriously flashy for those that like to sit back and watch space entities duke it out. Colours are bright, and everything from the unobtrusive background to the clean UI is made to put what matters at the forefront – the ships themselves. If nothing else, it’s beautiful."
    - Lachrymosity, Manapool: Indie Game Roundup
  • "All ships have an organic element to them, as they take damage but they also salvage from other wrecks to "regrow" parts."
    - Tracy-Mark Gorgas, NWCN
  • "Traverse the world, do a little dogfighting, harvest some space plants- all in the name of building the biggest, bestest ship. Or the nuttiest."
    - Adam Bellotto, Counterfrag
  • "Players can upload their ships and download others’, and a tournament mode will let you pitch your designs against theirs."
    - Ben Barrett, Rock Paper Shotgun

Steam store.steampowered.com.

Reassembly on IndieDB indiedb.com.

Extra screenshots and animated gifs manylegged.imgur.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Arthur Danskin

Peter Brown

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