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Weapons & Modules Suggestions Summary List 
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From now on today we think we will list all the weapons and modules suggestion on this thread. - Saki-Delta

This is to help peoples to find out which is already suggested and which isn't, but you are still allowed to improve someone else idea if that's within their consent. - Agent S-315

So now let's think a way to working on this... This is for easier compilation of peoples ideas. - Shell-Core

Agent S-315's feats:

Twin Plasma Cannon: Very identical to the normal Plasma Cannon, but double barreled and have twice the rate of fire. This seem the obvious idea...

Backlash Pulsar: A weapon that split into multiple projectiles that curl a round arc around enemy ship on impact, good for flanking the rear of hostile vessel.

Gatling Cannon: Has a slow fire rates at first, but the longer it keeping fire the faster the fire rates will be boosted up, and projectile velocity will increase, meaning shots can travel farther than the weapon's range.

Decoy Missiles Sprayer: Spray a group of 5 smaller projectiles that looks like missiles but these do no harm to enemies and they don't track them either, instead they will lure point defenses to shoots at them, causing them to ignore the real missiles. And the projectiles will spray flares along their way that increase their chances of survival until their purpose has been served.

Anti-drone Missiles Turret: A launcher that designated to be more effective for taking out drones at longer range than Flak Cannon (and mines also), it fires a salvo of smaller faster missiles that only effective on it purpose, not an effective weapon to dealing damage against other hostiles ships. Maybe turreted missile launcher... It's technically a point defense missile turret.

Interceptor Drone: Launch a drone equipped with Anti-drone Missile Launcher and 2 Laser point defenses, that'll follow you around. However only if the drone is destroyed another one will respawn. Also if the drone is too far away from you it will teleport itself back to you.

Corrosive Warhead Launcher: Launches a warhead that coats the target in acid, dealing [Corrosive Damage] over time.

Torpedo Drone: A large drone that carry itself a payload of torpedo, the drone despite it weight are fast and maneuverable. It tend to get up close to hostile and fire it payload while staying away from Defense Cannon's and sometimes Flak Cannon's range.

Missile Drone: Similiar to Torpedo Drone, this drone carry itself 2 payload of missile that can be launched and regenerated at the same time, however the build time for both Missile Drone and Torpedo Drone may be longer.

Sniper Drone: A drone equipped with some sort of long range sniper cannon, has a long build time. And a long lifespan, has a perfect accuracy and it shots reach light speed. Through it does require time to reload between shots.

Freeze Ray: Fire a beam that freeze enemy weaponry, thrusters, etc while making them enjoy a chill that doesn't feel a pain. This may add more weight to enemy ship when some of their part are frozen.

Freezethrower: Launches a fume of flash freezes. And may generate temporary "cold areas". Close range AOE?

Incinerator Beam: Raising heat temperatures on enemy weapon that may cause malfunctioning statuses, and if overheat long enough that part may start taking damage and might detach itself off enemy vessel. I assume this goes the same if it hit the hull as well... Also does it overheat shields? I think not.

Heating-Missiles: Specialized missiles that only deals lower damage than a standard missiles, but it has high chance to heating anything it affects, raising their temperatures that may cause parts to detach themselves off enemy vessel when it reaches certain degrees, the higher their temperature the more likely they will malfunction, most effective against modules and weaponry, may have some chance to cause objects it affect to catch fires that deal damage over time (The missile has some liquified oxygen in its payloads?)... Through be warned that it could not be used together with a freezing weapon as they might lower its effectiveness. But if they hit before the Cryo-Missiles it will be an exception combo even through they'll lower the earlier temperatures.

Neutronium Warhead Launcher: A warhead when explode will release a large amount of neutronium everywhere and each time they collides with something they will split into smaller and smaller.

Lancet Cannon: A weapon that fire a moderately-weak damage projectile that has weak penetration and moderate-high velocity. But when empowered by Lancer Shield it become more powerful weapon. And for the projectiles graphical detail it will have a long plasma tail emitting from behind. Long range assault weapon.

Light Lancer / Lancer Turret: A turret based laser weapon that fire an instant burst of laser that has 75% to pierce scale 1, 50% to pierce scale 2 and (How about 30% this time?) to pierce scale 3 armors. Has light damage output but when shoot through the Lancer shield the damage output increased to moderate. Specialized in dealing damage to multiple blocks at once. Cannot do damage to shields and it's impossible to pierce through... Max pierce 3.
Note: That is not a charging weapon

Lancer Rail: A charged-beam fixed hardpoint that is specialized on charged piercing. It can pierce through 5 armors when fully charged. Damage output is moderate and when shooting through Lancer Shield the damage is boosted to high. Has a long charge time, and the next is the full piercing potential when fully charged > Scale 1 70% Scale 2 60% Scale 3 40%. Piercing chances within armor may vary depend on level of charge. Also each blocks it reach will have seperate chances the beam can go through and reach the next.

Railsnipe Accelerator: A weapon that charge itself up to gain more velocity for their projectile, just like a crossbow, it might be able to snipe enemy from a range longer than antimatter cannon. Can pierce through armor but four of a kind at a time, 50% ratio for piercing. That should be a fixed mount weapon, but shields can only prevent piercing, they set the chance to zero.

Magnetic Mine: A mine that attract itself to any metallic objects of enemy ships nearby, it has a limited magnetism range...

Saki-Delta Counterpart

Tesla Turret: A powerful jolt energy weapon that consume a moderately-large amount of energy. Three of this can be used to power up a more powerful weapon called The Great Tesla Coil.

The Great Tesla Coil: It power is nearly almost perfect as a super weapon, but not enough to be completely perfect... This Great Tesla Coil are unfunctional unless three Tesla Turret power it up progressively. However when firing it up to the enemy it will consume all the player's energy, thus make you inactive for a while to restabilize from the shock this weapon caused... This weapon will release a rapid burst of powerful teslas toward your foes until your energy is depleted.

Shell-Core Counterpart

Retaliation Shield: Absorb incoming projectiles and stick them to the shield, all the sticked projectiles will be released upon your wish back to the enemy, this shield can rotate on any direction as you wish it to be, in fact it's a limited arc, and also can only absorb 15 number of projectiles and past this amount the shield can't absorb more and begin to take damage, when it collapse it will generate a shockwave that will throw away all of that it has holding. Burst Lasers and Proton Beams will make short work of the shield.

Boomerang Plasma Launcher: Launches Plasma Projectiles that whenever they miss they will curl back to the enemy.

Phase Cannon: Non-conventional weapon that shoots phased high velocity projectiles that only hit phased ships. Anti-Phase weapon that'll function in reverse if you're in phase dimension. Requires phase energy to reproduces munitions.

Phased Missile Launcher: Fires missiles that has an ability to phase into another dimension until it reach its target, while avoiding being fired by conventional PD weaponry. Non-conventional weapon.

Phased Point Defense Drones: Launch a drone that will enter into another dimensions to protect you from phased threats. And if the drone is destroyed while in Antiverse dimension, it will be regenerated and launched again, automatic launch. Unoperatable while you're in phase dimension. Automatic Defensive Stealth active when near a phased armed threats.

Phased Strike Drones: Send out drones that's able to phase in and out to attack enemy in combat, because their weapon can only hit the enemy in the dimension they're in. Equipped with a Strike Cannon.

Acid Sprayer: A weapon that spray projectiles that carry corrosive substance that will deal damage over time, has an area of effect range. Ineffective against shields.

Continuum Phase Twister: Manipulate phase dimension within the real dimension to create an area of chaotic space-time continuum that will harm everything that cross the area from both dimension. How you could use this thing? First this has a limited area of activity, Second it take a while for it to destabilize space-time, then you gotta stay away from the designated area.

Phaser Mines: A mine that emits laser on any direction whenever an enemy is near, and doing so if it run out of energy it will explode! Releasing a small EMP wave that disable weaponry which it came contact with. Can phase into another dimension as an ambush mechanism.

Stealthed Phaser Mines: An upgraded counterpart of the phaser mines, now has an extra ability to stealth while in phase dimension. Unlike normal mines, Phaser Mines will not explode whenever they collided with anything.

Phased Magnetic Mine: This mine is a phased counterpart of the magnetic mine, but it can only be placed if you are in phase dimension... Automatically ambush enemy by unphasing itself using the dimensional sensor motion to detect enemy in the real world, however the magnetism was disabled while in phase dimension to maintain it low profile against an Phase Observer. Can only be detected if an enemy is on the phase dimension. There will be another mine layering mode that using R to provide the mine immortality lifespan...

Anti-phase Magnetic Mine: This mine is just for home defense against phased threats and it come along with a passive stealth device, it will use its observer to detect hostiles then deactivate its passive stealth device and activate itself's magnetism and phase module when it detected a phased enemy. This mine can only be placed in the real dimension, and can only be used on anti-phase only. Require some R to produce and dispatch the mine if you want immortality, the mine will stay forever...

Amazigh feats:

Feats for F14. Right?
Point Laser
- laser
- turret
- 1 PulsesPerSec
- ~45? damage/pulse
- 0.1? PulseAvailability [i'm assuming this variable is what % of the time that the beam is visible for] [~0.1 sec pulses]
- 600 range
-- the main Anti-Missile weapon for the faction, high accuracy/power, low fire rate.
[blockscale 1 Octagon mount]
[average laser turret barrel]

Scatter Laser
- laser
- turret
- ~6 PulsesPerSec
- ~20/60/120? damage/pulse
- 0.6? PulseAvailability [~0.1 sec pulses]
- ~0.2? spread
- 600/750/900 range
-- their "plasma cannon analogue", shorter range and lower accuracy but hits instantly. With this weapon I'm assuming inaccuracy is implementable for pulsed lasers. The notable inaccuracy, is to stop it from being an insanely good point defence weapon, and to make it look unique/cool. [comes in small/medium/large]
[Right-angled triangle mount]
[short/wide laser turret barrel]

Sniper Laser
- laser
- turret
- ~0.25 PulsesPerSec
- ~600? damage/pulse
- 0.25 PulseAvailability [~1 sec pulses]
- 2000 range
-- long range weapon, "railgun equivalent", has a ~1 second long pulse, this is all assuming damage is spread across the duration of the pulse rather than being instant.
[blockscale 2 Square mount]
[long/narrow laser turret barrel]

Barrage Cannon
- cannon
- turret
- 0.5 bursts per second
- 4 shots per burst
- ~10 shots per second [during burst]
- ~40? damage
- 0.08? spread
- ~20? blast radius
- 1600 range
- 1000 velocity
-- Small relatively cheap cannons, intended for several to be taken in order to lay out massed bursts of fire to overwhelm shields/etc.
[blockscale 1 Square mount] [I'd imagine something smaller, say the rectangle block might work better for how I'd initially imagined them, but as it's such a small block i'm unsure if it's big enough for a turret]
[twin average cannon turret barrels]

Swarm Missile
- mirv/cluster missile
- launcher can store 2 total
- ~3? second missile regen
- 1000 Split Range
==-- Missile Stage 1
-- 50 damage
-- 50 blast radius
-- ~6000 ThrusterForce
-- ~6000 TorquerTorque
-- ~13 Mass
-- 40 missile health
==-- Missile Stage 2
-- 20 damage
-- 30 blast radius
-- ~2600 ThrusterForce
-- ~4000 TorquerTorque
-- ~3 Mass
-- 12 missile health
---- these missiles start out relatively slow [Stage 1], but when within 1000 range of their target they split into three smaller faster missiles. [Stage 2] This would allow them to overwhelm point defences and more reliably get through to their target, helping them fulfill their role of acting as a large initial burst of missiles to overwhelm the targets defensive systems and to then cause some damage to exposed parts.
[mount would be smallest "adapter" shape, with the missiles located on the longer side]

Other possible weapon ideas: larger size Barrage Cannons, defensive drone launcher [sticks near ship and shoots down missiles/etc.], a "homing torpedo" of some sort.

DarkWingedDaemon's feats:

Canister Rifle: A chargeable railgun that fires a canister of inert gas that is flash converted into plasma on impact. Charging the railgun will cause the canister to travel farther, and faster. The plasma will linger as a particle cloud that deals damage over time until it dissipates.

Plasma Caster: The space equivalent of a flamethrower. It would spray bursts of plasma that will linger as particle clouds. This should be a fixed mount weapon.

Shard Cannon: A crystalline structure that fires a shard that can occasionally pierce shields. On impact the shard will shatter into a cloud of shrapnel.
Energy use: Medium - Low
Damage: Medium
Submunition Damage: Low
Submunitions per round: Many
Accuracy: High
Range: Long
Fire rate: Low
Shield pierce chance: 15-25%
Size: Approximately 2x2
Mount: Rotates
Heat: Low

Cryo-Missiles: A specialized missile with a payload of Bose-Einstein condensates that flash freeze any object they affect. If an object has a high internal tempature it a has a chance to shatter from the shock (The hotter the object the higher the critical chance). Frozen objects will use less energy, but have increased mass and take more damage from kenetic attacks.
Energy use: High
Damage: Low
Critical Damage: High
Critical chance: Based on target tempature
Accuracy: High
Range: Tracks
Fire rate: Low
Size: Approximately .5x1
Mount: Fixed
Heat: High

Avior's feats:

The Inhibitor Laser: Small version temporarily deactivates weapons and boosters. Medium version temporarily deactivates weapons and boosters for a longer time. Large versions can be charged to destroy parts. When fully charged, they also add 10 seconds to the part's rebuild time.

Asteroid Ripper: Non-turreted weapon that attacks up close. Insanely short range, and has a damage bonus when attacking asteroids, because it was built specifically for destroying them.
Damage: Slightly less than a proton beam.
Damage on Asteroids: Enough to destroy an asteroid in a few seconds.
Shape and Size: Same shape as a proton beam, but as large as the antimatter cannon, or whatever it was called.
Range: Insanely short range.
Fire Rate: Fires about 6 times a second.

Deceleration's feats:

EMP missile: Basically a nuclear missile optimized for maximum electromagnetic pulse. When exploded, it lets out a perfectly circular wave of EM waves that disables ships parts it comes into contact with. If the target is close enough to the point of detonation it may also take direct damage. How many parts the EM waves can penetrate and disable depends on proximity.

Sarr_Cat ideas:

Here Is my own suggestion for a new kind of weapon, the Artillery Cannon (Or just Artillery).

These could be implemented in a new faction, added to an existing faction, or not implemented at all. Like all suggestions here, whether this becomes a part of the game or not depends entirely on the whims of the (totally awesome! ;) ) developer, Arthur Danskin. I hope he (and all of you too) likes it!

I Imagine these as being heavy weapons, which shoot two projectiles which are similar to the torpedoes of faction 8. The projectiles would have no guidance, like torpedoes, they would travel in a straight line. (Also like plasma). I was thinking that they would either have a splash damage effect or, perhaps more interesting, a "cluster bomb" effect, resulting in an explosion of little projectiles on impact, similar to the effect of a Blast Pulser (but shorter range). Speed of the projectiles would be mid-range to slow

As for the behavior of the turrets, I would think that this should have a relatively slow rotation speed, because they are "heavy" weapons. As they scaled, I imagine the range and damage increasing, but the turret rotation speed would decrease, as though they were getting heavier.

As you can tell, I don't exactly have stats for each, just a general concept, but that's really the point... I Imagine that if Arthur likes my Idea, he will be the one who determines the proper stats to balance everything, after all no one knows Reassembly better than it's creator! :D

Scale 1: 1 block wide on each side

Scale 2: 2 blocks wide on each side

Scale 3: 3 blocks wide on each side (BFG SIZE!)

Why hexagons? No other guns in the game are regular hexagons, so I figured that's what these should look like! Yet again, this is merely what I myself would make them if I could add something directly into the game however I wanted it. The final design of anything is Arthur's choice, after all.

Anyways, I hope this is a good suggestion! :)

Agent S-315's feats:

Antiverse Phase Shift: Module that allow you to phase into a different dimension while avoiding any physical contact with real world physical objects like enemy ships, conventional weapons, asteroids... However if you fire a conventional weapon in this dimension it will only stay on that dimension. Which mean you can only combat with hostiles that's in the same dimension as you. However this dimension is parallel within the real world location, if you phase back you may end up on a different location.

Phase Observation Module: This module allow you to detects enemies that are in phase dimension. And it will also help AI to detects incoming phase missiles to avoid. But if they stealth while in phase dimension... They might not be seen on that space, unless you link this with a conventional stealth scan module by placing next to it, however doing so will render it only able to scan in phase dimension.

Phase Converter: Generate a little amount of resource over time using phase dimension's energy, however this requires that you have to be in phase dimension or that having a Phase Channeler module attached to your own vessel.

Phase Channeler: Passively channeling a special type of energy from the phase dimension, however this energy cannot be used to function conventional weaponry. It will either be transferred to a phase converter or will be stored in a phase battery.

Phase Battery: The only way to keep phase energy. There could be some other way that this energy could be used for.

Drone Amplifier Protection Center: Buff all drones lifespans and raise their health by 25% in addition to increasing their thrust speed and maneuvering acceleration thus their turning speed by 50%. While also providing 30% increment to their weapon range, and boost their fire rate and projectile velocity by 15%. Passively makes drones recieve 12.5% less damages. Buff effect cannot be stacked, and thus add 25% chance to automatically activate projectile protection shield for drones.

Alliegence Shifter: Passively emitting a field that slowly and then quickly turn all incoming missiles and attack drones against your enemy. Not working against unguided missiles.

Nuclear Fusion Reactor Core: Provides a great amount of energy and energy storage, however this is a critical explosive barrel, through to make up it has a great armor.

Tesla Absortion Pipes: A pipe armory that prevent lightning weapon from making direct contact with the main hull, it will redirects absorbed teslas to somewhere else depend on the path you designed it... It will either redirect tesla out of the ship, or will be just disasterous failure.

Tesla Converter Module: Module that can be connected with TAPs to convert some percentage of teslas into your energy, may redirect excessive energies to your weaponry to boost their fire rates efficientcy, makes beams do more damages or charge it up to The Great Tesla Coil.

Ramming Spearhead: A triangular armor shape that amplify Collision Damage against the enemy by 150% while reducing Collision Damage recieved by the shape itself by 75%. {Well I need to think more about this.}

Hacking Module: Send a drone that'll attempt to insert itself into enemy exposed Command Module, injecting a script that force the enemy to your side. Once it's done the drone'll dissects itself... However there's a chance of critical failure that'll cause self destruct of Command Module. {Capture should be possible once the Command Module was exposed... So surround your creation's Command Module with armor to prevent enemy capture, or shoot the drone before it reach the core and before it completely hacked you (and your allies too). And I think when the enemy successfully taken control of you the message will show "HACKED" instead of "DESTROYED"}

Heat Generator: Generates an area of heat around it that will quickening the defrozen of your ship... A device that may be activated automatically. It's immune to any freezing effects.

Cryo Generator: Help to stabilizes ship's temperature against any kind of heating weapon... And may help cooling down your weapon fire too... Immune to heating.

Lancer Shield: A frontal limited arc facing shield that is designated to deflect projectiles attacks back to the enemy, it got more chance to withstand and absorb damages from such projectiles, plus it can empower Lancet Cannons that shoot through the shield for more damage and accelerating their projectiles, in the case of Lancer Turret and Lancer Rail the shield will boost their damage (Amplify effects cannot be stacked with multiple Lancer Shields). More durable than standard F8 shield module, has no effect to reflect and absorb damage from beam weapons.

Fire Supression: A PD weapon that focus on supressing fire on your ship and get your ship temperature back to normal. Pretty smaller than a scale 1 square armor.

Defroster Device: Break ices that prevents proper functioning of your ship.

Reflector Armor: An armor block that reflects any kind of beam weapon back to the enemy and recieve no damage from beam weapons, but it's extremely fragile against explosive devices, and direct collision... {And in case flamethrower is implemented, may not withstand too much heat and heat will spread to nearby blocks. And if freezethrower is implemented are unreflectable when frozen thus more fragile than it is now as any projectile weapon will broke it in one hit but not for the smallest plasma cannon.}

Deflector Armor: Can absorb 25-75% damage from projectile weapon and have some chance to deflect it back to the enemy and away. And convert 5-15% of deflected projectile's damage into energy

Mobile Limited Arc Kinetic Absorbtion [MLAKA] Shield: For Faction 3 that act as an protection against kinetic/beam damage but it will not help keeping explosive damage from harming the hull inside the shields and piercing weapon such as railgun can still pierce through the shield but damage against the hulls after penetrating shield will be reduced by 45-75%. Of course it is nearly invulnerable against any kind of damage and will receive 85-95% less damage from kinetic projectiles and no damage from beam and explosive weapon (As I said before it will not help prevent AOE against the main hull), also they will only regenerate health when not under fire, beware through any enemy weaponry that has EMP attributes on them could greatly weaken the shield resistance against kinetic and may allow beam to do some damage... The shield is limited arc so the wider it is the slower it will rotate...

Amazigh feats:

Agent S-315 wrote:
Antiverse Phase Shift:

Somewhat reminds me of the Phase Cloak ability in Starsector.
When the cloak is activated a ship enters phase space. [in gameplay terms: goes semi-transparent and is intangible, but constantly generates flux [reach maximum flux and your ship overloads] and can't use weapons]
This sort of system could be hard to balance in Reassembly, as ships are not of a fixed size, so being able to phase out would require some sort of built-in balancing feature to the module.

Possible way that a "Phase Cloak" could be balanced in Reassembly:

Each phase module has a stored charge value that regenerates when not active.
When the phase modules are active the charge stored in them drains at a rate proportional to the ships mass, so a heavy ship would drain charge really fast, but a light one would drain it slower.
This makes it so you can throw a phase module on your giant ship as an emergency split-second defence system, or have one a small ship to give it the ability to phase for longer periods of time. [likely a few seconds at most]

Mechanically it could be set up so when phased your ship instantly becomes intangible, and fades out of view to enemies over a second or so, when fully faded out enemies would ignore the ship, allowing it to be used as a stealth system. Unphasing would be instant and accompanied with a cloud of smoke/sparkles. [so your ship doesn't just instantly *pop* pack in]
To stop your ship from unphasing inside another ship the intangibility could either be made to only apply to projectiles, or the game could apply force to your ship attempting to shove it out of any ship it is "inside" while cloaked, and only allow you to uncloak when not inside another ship. [engines shut down when at 0 charge to stop you from being able to artificially prolong your cloak?]

..If you removed the intangability what I just described would be a decent way of implementing a cloaking module in Reassembly.

Tractor beam/module

I've thought up Four Versions/Modes that a "weaponised" tractor beam could have:

Repel - Pushes the target away
Attract - Pulls the target closer
Grapple - Pulls the target to a certain range and tries to hold them at that range
Immobilise - Attempts to stop all motion in the target

Attract/Grapple are different in that Grapple could be seen as a "smart" Attract that stops pulling when they get too close

They would work by exerting force on their target, so would be less effective on large/heavy ships, but also ships with lots of engines would also be able to power through them. And obviously mounting more would have a greater effect on the target.

Could either be implemented as a turreted/fixed beam weapon, or as a module that directly effects the target.

F14 feats...
Ideally, if played in campaign Colour customisation would alter Cyan+Orange, but leave grey unchanged.
Their ships are composed from an internal "frame" and external "armour".
Their Hull parts come in four colours: Dark Grey, Light Grey, Cyan and Orange. I'd suggest that each colour behaves differently, I'll use the regular square as an example for the differences:
Dark Grey:
- 900 Health
- 10 Mass
- 4 second Regrowth time
Light Grey:
- 650 Health
- 10 Mass
- 20 Resource capacity
- 3 second Regrowth time
- 200 Health
- 10 Mass
- 0.3 second Regrowth time
- 500 Health
- 15 Mass
- 0.5 second Regrowth time

As such: Dark Grey are for main "frame", light Grey is external "Frame", Cyan is for standard "armour" and Orange is for more vital "armour"
As such: Cyan body with grey skeleton, with an orange head/centre + markings[weapons] [going with the animal/insect theme i've seen mentioned about ship design.]
Light Grey have *some* Resource capacity as to give the fleet a way to spawn larger ships/upgrade/etc.
The ships can take heavy damage to their "armour" and it will regenerate rather fast, but any damage to the frame is slow to regenerate.
The Core would have around 500 health to put is closer to grey parts in toughness.
Engines would only come in Dark Grey.
Weapons come in Orange.

Are coloured 50/50 between Dark Grey/Cyan. [as containers are between colours for player ships]
Some shields, they mainly rely on their relatively fast armour regeneration, but larger ships will have some shielding.
- 600 Strength
- 400 Regen
- 80 Radius
-- Better strength/regen ratio than even small F4 shields, but are rather weak for their size.
[blockscale 1 Square]

DarkWingedDaemon's feats:

Repulsar Field Generators and Repulsar Arrays: Basically Repulsar Field Generators allow Repulsar Arrays (and any sections attached to them) to float around your ship, but still be a part of it. An Array would try to protect it's host from incoming fire, attempt to flank the enemy, etc whenever possible. If one leaves the Generator's range it will go inactive as if was shot off. Also a Generator would only be able to handle a small number of Arrays. If a disabled Array comes within range of a Generator with a free slot it will be taken over by the new ship.

Prismiric Armor: Armor composed of purified crystal. Any beams (friend or foe) that hit the armor will be absorbed, and redirected out the other faces (ex1: A beam hits a section's face will have it's damage is split among the resulting beams fired from the remaining faces. ex2: If multiple beams hit the armor at the same time the damage will be added together and a single beam will be fired out the largest remaining face.).
Hp: Low
Beam Absorbtion: 80%
Heat: 10% of absoebed damage
Heat Transfer: High
Damage from kenetic sources: x2

Camo5's feats:

Repair Drones/Healing Drones: Basically drones that fly around speeding up part regeneration, this may be the only way to regenerate parts for some factions that are unable to.

Deceleration's feats:

Laser Absorber: Basically it's a hull block that absorbs damage from lasers. While it is doing this it consumes energy, and if it runs out it explodes (perhaps dealing damage equal to the laser damage it previously absorbed?). The purpose is to make higher DPS long-ranged lasers more balanced. Currently, lasers are either extremely damaging and short ranged (proton swords, fleet 12's mounted swords, fleet 6's lasers to some extent) or long ranged and not as damaging (burst lasers). Proton beams are both long ranged and damaging, but they're mounted in place so you have to turn your entire ship, making them more useful on small ships. A long ranged, high DPS laser would be pretty OP, especially since lasers can't miss (unless they're the mounted kind). Therefore, in order for long ranged damaging lasers to be balanced, there needs to be a counter to them.

Laser Capacitor: It's a modifier block like fleet 4's cannon range and damage modifiers. The capacitor attaches to proton beams (not sure if it should be in front or behind the beam) and turns the proton beam into a mounted burst laser, like the ones fleet 15 have. More capacitors increases the rate at which the beam charges, and the maximum level of charge. If you get enough of them, you could have a proton beam that charges up until when you release it it turns your entire screen the beam's color, and everything is destroyed.

Videogama Twi's feats:
Resource Transfer Drones:
Transfer drones that transfer resources around. Mostly because Faction 12 but also as a utility for random platforms and possibly stationary factories that don't happen to have solar panels. Seems most likely to come in a form that sends resources from their home off to factories, but might also/alternatively/in a different form go out and bring back resources from the world to their home base.

Has anyone noticed I'm fond of faction 12/ the city-building bees/ the orange cyberpunk Borg yet?

Anywho, this primarily has to do with the way their buildings work. As it turns out, those buildings generate R from their command module. Slowly. However, most of them aren't factories, and they're not exactly swimming in factory-equipped ships, meaning that most of that R just sits around doing nothing. The painfully short range of their tractor beams does not help any.

Therefore, resource moving drones! They take, say, 30 R (arbitrary number is arbitrary) at a time from their parent ship/station (non-factory) and try to ferry it to the nearest friendly factory that can accept them. If there's no factory within reasonable distance, they could have a number of behaviors, such as dropping it off at another drone launcher that's closer to a a valid factory or giving them to a ship if they're a station so the ship can go deliver it to a factory.

This has the added bonus from a visual standpoint of making the faction 12 cities look much more lively- and if you're playing them it makes it a hell of a lot easier to drop off resources to your local factory as well.

You could call that version of the idea the 'Sending' variant of a resource transferring drone. Another possible variety is a 'Receiving' drone, whether it's the same drone or a different one. I get the feeling this one might be less computationally intensive, but that's just me. Instead of taking the parent vehicle's resources away, it would go out into the world, find resources, and return them to the home. Station-mounted drones would grab resources from the world, ship-mounted drones would grab resources from the world and from stations, and factory-mounted drones would just grab them from everywhere nom nom nom. (As an added bonus, this would probably look even better than the above variety because it'd tend to create a more continuous stream of drones zipping about instead of having all the buildings tend to reach 30 R and launch their drones at the same time.)

TakionCascade's ideas:

Ideas for Faction 4:

Turret Cannon Attacher Module - Essentially a turret housing for the cannon, the cannon must be attached separately and as the turret has more modules for the cannon attached, it gets slower, as if it wasn't slow enough already.

Turret Module Speeder - Essentially speeds up the turret ever so slightly, put multiples to see a decent rotation speed increase for the turret.

Ballistic Module - Essentially adds a blast radius (which is very tiny). Add more to the cannon to increase the size, but beware, it makes the cannon shoot slower.

Agent S-315's feats:

There's probably a difference between conventional stealth modules and dimensional shifting modules. The shifting module while providing the same invisibility advantage as the conventional stealth module, also provide an advantage that conventional scanning module cannot see through another dimension, thus it provide another advantage that your conventional weapons cannot hit phased ships, unless they're in phase dimension too...

Also Thermisphere Map that will show Cold Zones and Hot Zones on the map, there should be plants that affects regional temperatures as well...
This thermisphere thing affects the performance of your ship in someways... If you travel to the freezing area your ship may stop moving for awhile, and if you travel to the hot areas some of your weapon may malfunctioning but not hot enough to actually take damage.

DarkWingedDaemon's feats:

First off is a new type of recourse... Crystals! They would behave similar to your average space flora. Except that they grow much slower and don't decay. To actually harvest R from them you would have to brake them apart with a mining beam. This would the mining beam an actual purpose (, and satisfy certain players) without having to resort to a generic "soot the rock to get ore" system. Crystal fields would likely be much rarer, but have a higher R output.

Secondly I have an idea for a new faction that would build their ships from the said crystals. They would peacefully cultivate the crystal fields around them. Until you attacked them, or tried to mine the crystals. At that point you would be assaulted by short ranged charge beams, medium ranged pulse beams, long-ranged Shard Cannons (see above), and extended range Cryo-Missiles (see above). When attacking them you would find that your beam attacks would be scattered by Prismiric Armor Plates. When repairing or reproducing crystal shards would be tractored into place. Then fused together to create a completed part/core.
Faction colors would be midnight blue for the hull, teal for the modules, and cyan for the glow/particle effects.


Someone may adopt:

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A weapon idea I had was for an ion cannon. It's not exactly original but I think it would work well in with the games mechanics. The basic idea is that it would be a weapon that would do low to no damage to armor and such but would do extremely high damage to shields. Additionally the ion cannon would drain energy from ships as well reducing their ability to fire. To balance it out so you didn't end up just flying in and reducing everything around you to floating bricks the ion cannon would have a slow firing rate, relatively short range (think auto cannon) and would have a rather large cost of power per shot. This would hopefully make it useful but not totally overpowered.

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Dude, this is an idea summary thread...

The New Terran Republic []
The New Terran Republic V2.0 []

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We probably use this thread to list the idea about Weapons and Modules that people come up with in the suggestion thread.
You might just check in this thread sometimes, maybe it could give you an inspiration.
It would be nice if Arthur just pin this thread along with the suggestion thread, this will probably be updated.


Someone may adopt:

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I stickied it. Summary threads are really useful - there have been a lot of great suggestions and I don't want to loose track of them while I'm working on other things.

Mon Oct 20, 2014 5:22 pm

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1. Modular lasers. Guess that can be another unique faction feature. Even two, charging pulse lasers and continuous beam lasers alone.
2. Chain lightning weapons (affects multiple ships)
3. Defense drones, tougher and with longer lifespan, circles around your ship and protects it.
4. Flamethrowers. Either plasma discharges that affects area and loses it's energy, or uses a cone of continuous damage. (Umgah, Ilwrath Star Control 2)

Sun Jan 25, 2015 1:44 pm

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My thread on improving faction 3 included an idea for a unique weapon, so I'll repost that here:

A part launcher gun, that uses R as ammunition and fires little penrose shapes at fairly low range, but reasonably high rate (mostly with the purpose of blocking large cannon shots and repairing the ship)

Wed Jan 28, 2015 7:52 am

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Guess that can be another unique faction feature

Fut coins
Fut 15 coins

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Thumper- When the trigger is held, charges up. Can be charged up to a maximum of 3 seconds. When released, it will release a massive field of energy, destroying parts and vaporizing shields. The longer charged, the more damage/shield disruption is dealt.

Detonator- When triggered, the block will make a tiny explosion if it is still attached to the ship. This will detach anything connected, allowing you to easily remove extra weight to get away. It could also allow you to nurture new ships growing within the main ship, then open a little gate to allow them to exit. If detached from the ship, they will act like mines, with larger explosions. They wait 5 seconds before starting to regenerate.

AI Pod- This allows a small section of your ship to be ruled by an AI. You can attach certain guns to it, and then let it fire independently of you. If it is detached with a detonator, then it will act like its own individual ship. It will cost R to create, equivalent to the P required to make the guns and parts it controls.

Fri Feb 06, 2015 3:33 pm
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Ideas for Faction 4:

Turret Cannon Attacher Module - Essentially a turret housing for the cannon, the cannon must be attached separately and as the turret has more modules for the cannon attached, it gets slower, as if it wasn't slow enough already.

Turret Module Speeder - Essentially speeds up the turret ever so slightly, put multiples to see a decent rotation speed increase for the turret.

Ballistic Module - Essentially adds a blast radius (which is very tiny). Add more to the cannon to increase the size, but beware, it makes the cannon shoot slower.

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