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Command block destroyed through the armor blocks. How?! 
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Hello everyone! I have a bit of a strange behavior of cannons. They destroy command block through the armor blocks. Sometimes through 2-3 pairs of SQUARE blocks. Do they have a piercing damage or maybe i understand a mechanics wrong? Or can this be an effect of the high velocity projectile or another physics collisions?
I have here a couple of screenshots to explain the situation.
And used lua parts of code from my moded blocks.lua (for now all have "unstable testing" status :) )
{17187, shape=CANNON2, scale=1, features=CANNON, group=17, name="Станковый пулемет «Пион»", blurb="Эффективный пулемет против легких кораблей", durability=5.000, density=1.000, fillColor=0xCCCCCC, lineColor=0x444466, cannon={roundsPerSec=20.000, muzzleVel=1500.000, spread=0.020, burstyness=0.500, roundsPerBurst=20, power=3.000, damage=20.000, color=0xee5245, range=2200.000}, points=10, growRate=10.000},

{17020, shape=RECT, scale=1, group=17, name="Стальной корпус", durability=5.000, density=0.300, blurb="Стандартный блок корпуса", fillColor=0xCCCCCC, lineColor=0xAAAACC, growRate=10.000},

Command block
{17000, command={faction=17}, shape=COMMAND, name="Командный модуль", features=COMMAND|GENERATOR|ASSEMBLER, group=17, points=10, durability=5.000, blurb="Сердце любого корабля", density=0.300, fillColor=0x69a95, fillColor1=0x66a95, lineColor=0xaef300, powerCapacity=300.000, capacity=100.000, generatorCapacityPerSec=100.000},

Tue Dec 15, 2015 12:05 pm
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2 thing might be happinging here:

1: The weapons firing on your ships are splash based weapons, this means that on the impact site there is a circle drawn of a certain size and the weapons damage number is applied to all parts that fall in that circle. In your case if a splash weapon has a bigger radius and your armor blacks, they splash weapon can target your command pod directly. (main reason nukes shred everything.)

2: Your physics updates per second is low, and a projectile directly clipped past and hit your command pod. this is kind of like how when viewing a fast moving object on a low fps shows that object skipping around all the time, same thing happens in game. In game tick one the projectile is in empty space and is heading towards your ship. In game tick two, the game calculates the the projectile need to be 10m in front of it so the game teleports it there. That location just so happens to be your command pod.

Tue Dec 15, 2015 7:25 pm
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I'd say it's #2.
There is no explode tag on the cannon, so it's not splash damage.

The muzzle velocity is on the high-side, but not beyond normal bounds. However, the 20 rounds a second in a full burst is probably clipping through between physics updates.
I suspect reducing the rounds per burst will reduce the problem. Your guns not that much stronger than the MLS Avenger, but the burst-fire attribute may be the cause.

You can also just up your physics updates to 120. If you're not planning distributing the mod, that should solve the problem too.


Tue Dec 15, 2015 8:55 pm
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Also don't forget that muzzle velocity is affected by the speed of the firing ship as well. If two ships are closing toward each other very quickly, it's very possible that 1500 speed projectiles will clip through armor at 60 pups.

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Tue Dec 15, 2015 10:02 pm

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So. yeap, i think you'r right. Problem solved. Maybe later i will debug it more detailed.
I added 10% durability to command block, and moved it to another place. He was between ADAPTER blocks wich are not too wide.
velocity of fighters quite high + bullet velocity and sometimes they pass through some blocks even on 120 updates, but after latest changes it's a nice feature and all works smooth. :)
Thank all for you'r answers!

Wed Dec 16, 2015 2:29 am
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