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Play Testing Help - The Star Wars Galaxy Mod 
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I have a mod in the Steam Workshop that I made that attempts to make a Star-Wars-like galaxy for Reassembly.

I have been building it out much further than it was and just got done adding eight new factions to the world, for a total number of eleven playable factions.
Although I've been fixing and tweeking things as I find them, there's far too much for me to play-test on my own. If anyone cares to help, or just wants to try it out, you can download the mod Here and install it locally. This version has all the factions unlocked.

The mod will load in Reassembly with no errors and is fully playable. This is not a Beta.

The things I'm looking for are:

1. The factions are not meant to be balanced, some are just stronger than others. But, if there serious imbalances or weapons that are easy to abuse, I'd like to know so I can at least make a decision weather to leave them alone or change them.

2. Weird P-cost / energy cost scaling. Everything doesn't have to perfectly scale, but if it's weirdly off I may have made a typo or something.

3. Strange behavior with faction ships. things broken or whatever. If you see weirdness, I may be able to fix it.

I will be updating the mod on Steam in a day or two, but feel free to add any input to this thread.



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Fri Dec 04, 2015 5:25 pm
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Here' a rundown of the factions.
The non-human factions are generally found near the edge of the galaxy. Some of them only occupy a single small region. If you want to find them instantly in-game, enter the console, use the reveal command, and find them on the map.

Galactic Empire
These guys own the galaxy. Death Star, Darth Vader, I is ur father. You get the idea. Because they funnel more funds into their military than anyone else, so they have access to the best high-end weaponry.

Alliance (full title: Alliance to Restore Freedom to the Galaxy)
Made up of a variety of groups, including ex-military personnel, that have been side-lined or stepped-on by the Empire. Essentially a guerrilla effort to pry the galaxy away from Sith control. Their fleet is made up of ships obtained from the free market, raiding military depots, or supplied by allies and converted to military use. They are lacking in large capital ships and weapons, but make up for it in the experience in their pilots and commanders. Their wiley nature is expressed with better thrusters than what the Empire has, giving them an edge in dog-fighting and retreat.

Pirates / Independents
This faction is a catch-all for any offensive parties looking to take advantage of the civil war. This includes pirates, underground factions, general ruffians, etc. They use the same blocks as the Alliance, but have more individualized ships (more weapons) and menacing/dirty coloring.

Separatist Holdouts
After the Clone Wars, Separatist factions retreated and secluded themselves to survive reprisals by the Galactic Alliance. Still relying on their droid armies and technology, these parties now serve their own purposes and are either reaching for power, or seeking to survive by staying hidden. Pretty much the same blocks as the ofther humanoid factions, but they use droid fighters (drones).

Yuuzhan Vong
Interlopers from another galaxy intent on expansion. They abhor droid and AI technology, basing all of their tech on the modification of living organisms. They travel in living ships including the World Ship that allows transversing intergalactic distances. Instead of engines, they use Dovin Basal organisms that alter gravitational forces to 'pull' ships forward. Warlike and alien, the Yuuzhan Vong are set to conquer anything in their path.

Chiss Acendancy
Based on their cold home world, the Chiss maintain their region with force. Their isolationist mentality means they keep to themselves and intrusion on their territory is not tolerated. Although they do have some contact with elements in the Empire, they have their own independently developed technologies and Star Destroyers. Megamasers, cloaking, and alternative projectile weapons equipped on a hardy defense fleet.

Ssi-ruuvi Imperium
A race of dinosaur-like reptiles, the Ssi-ruu reside in the Unknown regions. Their resource-poor home world lead them to develop 'entechment' technology that essentially generates energy but sucking it out of living organisms (people). Although their military is inferior to other races, they can be dangerous. Their Paddle-beams can hit targets almost instantly. They do have their own fleet as well as droid fighters.

A nomadic warrior race in the Unknown Regions. Their technology is not strong, but they are ruthless. They do not have strong shield tech, but instead house prisoners in shield bubbles on the exterior of their ships, forcing attackers to kill innocents. Expect their weapons to follow the same viciously practical attitude.

A colony of various insect races connected by a hive-mind. The Killik colonies are under-equipped with very basic technologies and armor, but make up for their weaknesses with enormous numbers. Their giant Hive Ship houses the colony while their fast Dart Ships handle defense. Individually weak, their reproductive capacity can be a serious threat to the rest of the galaxy.

The Eternal Fleet
A fleet of droid battlecruisers created by some unknown race eons ago. The fleet is fast, mysterious, and uses overpowered alien technology. After sitting dormant for millennia, it's on the move and ready to annihilate all life.

Abominor (non-playable)
Scattered from the same galaxy the Yuuzhan Vong originated, they are droid aggregates made up of assembled parts. Their AI's are domineering and aggressive. They have no technology of their own, but rather add to themselves from whatever parts they come across. Large in size - they are dangerous, chaotic, and care only for themselves.
* This faction is unplayable because they do not have a block-set of their own. Instead, they are a command module connected to a junk-pile of parts from other factions. More of an environmental hazard than a real faction.

The original enemies of the Abominor. They are perfectly-shaped droid life forms that seek symmetry and order. Generally peaceful by nature, they will defend themselves if necessary.


Fri Dec 04, 2015 5:30 pm
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Link on the first post is updated with a few changes.

- Faction colors fixed for user control
- Solar panels for Separatists
- Vagaari deploable turrets are now also mines
- New Vagaari Bomb added
- New Silentium Sunburst weapon added
- A few new ships added
- Fixed Killik Nest ship
- Vong Grand Cruiser no longer a spinner
- Revised Empire and Alliance ships to make unlocking capital ships easier


Mon Dec 07, 2015 9:30 pm
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The game where I originated as a member of this community. . VISUAL BASED MOD KIT!!
Shellcore command EP2

Tue Dec 08, 2015 7:08 am
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I'm pretty much done with it.
Might add some more ships, or tweek P costs, but other than that it's finished. :)


Tue Dec 08, 2015 3:34 pm
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Mod updated .... probably for the last time. Should be finished now.

New Vagaari weapon - Compressed Explosives
Removed the Patrol ship and Skipray ship designs from the Empire. The game liked them too much and never used the TIE designs.

Link in the first post is updated.


Wed Dec 16, 2015 8:42 pm

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I would love to make a design such as this and I am thinking of adding some weapons of accessories that this could be more attractive and possibly be more effective and interesting.

shuriken stars

Wed Dec 16, 2015 8:59 pm
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