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Looking for reasonably balanced mods. 
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I'm looking into running a tournament which will include and showcase some mods that people have made from reassembly. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations of mods that I should include or look into?

Looking through pages and pages of workshop listings and trying to filter through them is rather time consuming, and then testing them to see if they're approximately balanced is another thing again. It would be a great benefit to me if other people could help out by naming a few mods that they've played with and enjoyed.

I'm not going to be particularly finely balanced, as Reassembly has quite a wide power-level in it's base factions anyway, but I am looking at things which are comparable to the base factions.

Tue Nov 17, 2015 8:03 pm
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A few good mods:

Salt v2 (even if attacking their territory is a pain XD)
Helios (a bit glass cannon)
Triumvirate (do you like triangle?)
Rievers (Quite balanced)
Rayforce (A mod that use the block palette of the faction 8 (the base one))
Panoplia (A mod that use the block palette of the faction 8 (the base one))
Reassembler (You must play them for it to be interesting, a faction that start really weak but steamroll everyone after a while)

My mods? (they are "quite" balanced, but unlocking them need to be done like the vanilla faction)
14th Colony (very powerful tech, but AoE weapons are their weakness. Can grow at an exponential rate thanks to solar panels)
Replican (Flying tank with a lot of random projectile, like the 14th, they can grow exponentially, even if much more difficult)
ConFederation (Quite like the 14th in term of strength and weakness, with the exception that they don't have solar panel, and their ship's generator are big exploding weakness)
Imperium (A faction that favour LOT of guns, long range, and instant regeneration low integrity shield)
HighGaran (A faction where you don't fight yourself, but use "pseudo-drone" to do the dirty work for you, a very special playstyle not for everyone (also spawn in the universe their "evil" counterpart"))
Marklob (A faction with modular gun, allowing you to play a bit as you want. Can't be as overpowered than faction 4 (Tinkrells) weaponry, but some combination are quite deadly)
Shells (A strange faction with pretty much indestructible ship with the exception of the core. The twist is that enemies projectiles pass through hull pieces (but hit the shields). A faction that like powerful hit and fast run (to not be annihilated). A kinda glass Cannon faction)
Praetor AI (Will be released soon™ (of Blizzard). An average faction with limited tech and not that easy to build ships, but are to be reckon with when you do head first attack)

z0mbiesrock's mods.
The quality is here, but they can be VERY unbalance sometime, and/or a pain to kick out of the galaxy

Using Beta, always! (Well, for Reassembly)
(Also known as GATC on Steam)

Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:33 am
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There are a lot of great mods, many that are greatly loved by the community, but balance is usually not the goal of the mod.
Even if it's close to balanced - it'd be balanced against Reassembly's decidedly unbalanced default factions. :)

I personally haven't actually had time to actually 'play' lots of mods.
But I do like:
Salt, (maybe those two should be together? :))
The Confederation

I have a couple I've made, but they wouldn't be at all balanced for tournament play.


Wed Nov 18, 2015 5:57 am

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Thanks for the suggestions!

So far I have the following installed:

Salt v2
Steel Knights
Yalunder Defenders
Last Crusade

Salt seems pretty neat.
Meat have some crazy drones, because they're really fast and seem to have more range than most PD, but they're still pretty balanced in terms of blocks. They at least have some weaknesses.
Triumvate have splash damage shotguns, which are crazy good. But they're also poorly shielded, and I really like their ablative armor style. Very similar to meat in terms of theory, but they play very differently. On the verge of OP, maybe.
Never had YD or LC spawn in my worlds ;_;
Helios are very cool, but very fragile because you can't make redundantly connected designs.

Some other factions I've found but probably won't be using:
Shockwave are too OP, I think. Too much splash damage on all their stuff. Might be high p cost, but I can't kill a capship to test -_-
Cybran Nation are cool in theory, but their weapons are just way too good as is. Crazy amounts of missiles that overwhelm PD, and then high damage missiles to mix in. Also drones that shoot missiles. Fun, but OP.

I had a few of GATC's mods a while ago, but I think they were causing conflicts or something. I'll download them again and see what's what.

I'll look into your other suggestions!

Fri Nov 20, 2015 12:52 am
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On the opposite tack of unbalanced mods, Laporiens are pretty imba, Cybrans and Shadowoids are really imba in two different directions, and Black Diamonds [with those crazy long gun barrels and SUPER OP Swiss Army Spinal Laser crystals] are your new top-tier threat.

Each of these factions could be made vastly worse and even more OP with compact well-designed hull structures optimized around survivability and mobility. Instead, many of them tend toward flying works of art that are as fragile and beautiful as their guns are deadly.

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Fri Nov 20, 2015 8:06 am
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