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The Last Crusade 
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A long time ago, in an age of greater people, we controlled the power to generate life.
For centuries, we created. Colonized. One dead world after the other, we turned from wasteland into paradise. Lush forests stretched as far as the eye could see, fertilized by gentle rains. Noble beasts emerged from our laboratories and inhabited the wide plains and fields. Cities made of light, towering the highest mountains, harvested the power of the stars.
We became the gods we had worshiped so long ago. But in the shadow of great power, hybris lurks.
I guess civilization behaves a bit like atoms. If they grow beyond a certain point, they become powerful - yet unstable. After all, chaos is in our nature, we have always been predators.

War struck. Quickly.

It ravaged for a mere two years, the cost however, was too great to bear. Our paradise went up in flames. The forests turned into ash and our cities faded.
Now our worlds... No. They're not worlds anymore, but empty husks. Fire and fury remains where we once emerged and the technology that could save us now, was lost. Gardening, even on a planetary level, didn't exactly have a high priority in the war masters strategies.

We truly have become a space faring race - for we have nowhere else left too live, but our decommissioned battleships. And so our journey began.
Beyond the horizon, we expected nothing but emptiness, but destiny punishes you for the things you can't imagine.

It turned out to be a good thing we brought the remnants of our violent history with us, for everything we found was more destruction. Apparently a disposition to war is no trait exclusive to our species, desolation seems to be the natural state of this world.
In one galaxy though, we've found something else. A rumor. Maybe a glimpse of salvation. Someone else found the key to paradise, to heal dead worlds. And we will have it. We must.

It's the only way to reclaim our home - and we will fight for it. One last time.

- Description -

With this mod, I tried to add a new faction to the game - one, that is balanced with the vanilla factions, but still adds a new playstyle.
The faction features 41 blocks + launchables. That includes the command module and other standard parts, as well as new things. For example a "new" weapon type, that creates short range blasts around your ship, volatile laser turrets, storing their own energy and a slow defense drone, that is immune to small caliber point defense, but can only be damaged by large guns and AOE. And finally, a turret launcher, that can turn your ship temporarily into a fire breathing dragon...

- General Play Style -

This faction requires planning. Not only are some of the guns explosive (in the sense that they will blow up your own ship, if they get destroyed), the weapons in general are also relatively short ranged. Careful construction and planning of movement are required in order to achieve victory.

Especially smaller ships can be used to great effect with the AOE weapons, while larger vessels can house the power production, necessary to fire the strong lasers. The lack of shields though, means that these generators are susceptible to AOE damage! Then again, you gain a strong advantage against drones and missiles, from the powerful point defense.

While P production is included, it is tied to the generator blocks, making it an expensive (and dangerous) investment on a capital ship.

- Balancing -

I tried to balance this faction really well, regarding P costs and weapon strength - so if you stumble upon things that turn out inherently overpowered, please let me know. I do not wish for this to be overpowered.

- Stuff That Will Be Added In The Future -

I will add a kinetic weapon type and if it's the last thing I do. It's too awesome of a concept, to be left out :D

- Get it here -

Thu Sep 10, 2015 8:47 am
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