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How To Put the Pieces Back Together 
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I guess this is the Reassembly Self-Help Support Group I heard so much about? So let me introduce myself. I'm Alex and I'm an addict! :) I play this game for round about 2 weeks now and I lost a mind-boggling amount of time in those pixel worlds, almost whole days went by without notice. Altough it doen't seem to be really finished, at least to my eyes, even now it is the Space Game I have been waiting for.

I'm from germany and earn a living by writing about/and working in Webdevelopment, Design and Marketing. I develop my own 2D Space Game in my spare time. I try to learn about and play every single game in this genre to inform my work, that's how I came to play Reassembly in the first place. I'm a gamer since I can remember, digital and otherwise. I designed a lot of games in my youth, cardgames, Pen&Paper RPGs with my own worlds and systems. Creating a computergame is quite new for me though and I'm only at it for about a year now. As it turns out it is one of the most fulfilling work I have ever done and I hope I get the opportunity to pursue it further.

Obviously, due to its nature, many people have compared Reassembly to Lego by now. And this comparison seems fairly accurate to describe the building phase. But it occurred to me that this game has reawaken some sense of magic from my childhood that I haven't felt in a very long time. Like many kids in my generation (1980) I grew up without computergames or any media other than books. If we wanted to 'play' something, we usually took our Lego-Creations, Plastic Soldier, Toy Cars and Action Figures, mixed them together and created our own charackters, little worlds and storys. So what you do with Lego after you assembled something is going to be the real fun and that's how I feel about Reassembly.

Since the game does not state any kind of spesific goal and does not recommend any particular path to go, you pretty much have to make your own fun and I'm sure every player will approach it differently. For example I love to grow factions over and over again, like my little Klingon Empire, designing every ship, transport and station to a unique style that works well toghether, finding diffrent tactics and approaches to hold territory and gain influence and making sure my infrastructure works out. While doing that I totally geek out in my head creating story and meaning thankfully the game doen't intrude with it's own stories or is trying to define in anyway who you are and what you are supposed to do.

All and all, I'm very impressed and just glad beyond reason that somebody made this game! That's said I really hope Arthur will keep at it for a while because I belive it could be so much more! I'm honestly very surprised about the, what I would consider to be, a lack of coverage from the big media. It almost makes me angry a little bit. I mean we live in a time where even the important media outlets and well known YouTube Channels cover Indie games from time to time, but only just like some random crazy thing once in a while. Here we have an innovative game that is unique and very well put together and they just ignore it. So I belive we have to spread the word and make this thing 'the Phenomenon' it deserves to be!

Other than that I hope feedback, bugreports and remarks about some questionable design desicions is still welcome and needed here? I still don't know how much work will be done on the game after release. Me personaly, I'm happy with the game just as it is. I have learned to handle all it's quirks to my delight and the lack of any kind of tutorial, explanation or reference text feel quite adventurous to me, filling you with a sense of accomplishment figuering stuff out. But I belive when it comes to fleet management, stations and more complex stuff like this, where you will be literally forced to hack around the systems all the time, never sure if it's a bug or ment to be like this, the game could improve. I can easily imagin people going crazy with the ship editor and all at the beginning, putting it aside and may even be satisfied with that, without ever 'playing the game' for real, playing to win or archive some kind of goal other than playing around or even realizing that there is so much more to it. If I would have to choose any area where the game needs improvement is would be accessibility.

So that would be my 2 cents for now. Very much longer than planed, but I also spend (and will spend) a lot time with the game and those things wanted to be said! :) I wish you all the best. And spread the word about this wonderful game so that we will reassemble the world!

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Sat Mar 07, 2015 7:31 am
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Welcome to the forums! As an alpha tester watching this game progress from its roots, I will certainly enjoy any story you tell of this remarkable game. While simple and shallow at a glance, this game seeps into who you are as a person, and makes a connection. Having a small little world you personally create and nurture is one of the most satisfying experiences a person can have, methinks.

Looking forward to your remarks! ;)

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