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Polygonal's Fleet
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Author:  Polygonal Person [ Sun Jan 03, 2016 7:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Polygonal's Fleet

So let me start off by saying: I really need a name for this fleet, aswell as a color and I am taking suggestions! Now, without further adieu let's get started from the lowest to highest in P-cost.

First off: the imaginatively named,
Sniper Ship
This thing is.. Well, I don't have really much to say about it, but eh. It's very maneuverable, it has a turreted sniper rifle and a tiny bit of completely inadequate PD. Overall it's kinda underwhelming by themselves, and I'm not sure of their effectiveness in groups. BUt they are very cheap.
P Cost: 257

Now, the also extravagantly named,
Sniper Drone
This one's pretty fun, as you can see it's basically a massive anti-matter sniper with a bit of armour and some thrusters. These things are incredibly effective against slow, capital ships in swarms, and when paired with the mine launchers. Unfortunately, they have an annoying tendency to charge right into the enemies PD and killing themselves. If anyone knows how to fix that it'd be much appreciated.
P Cost: 570 (482 from the weapon alone!)

And for our third we have the,
Destroyer Mk1
Surprisingly effective, I built this very early on in my reassembly career and it's served me fairly well so far. It brings a good amount of firepower, but is woefully unprotected and it's maneuverability is actually fairly good, somewhat making up for it's single shield. And on the topic of the single shield, it really should be moved forward a bit more as it doesn't protect the frontal armour & thruster section.
P Cost: 663

In fourth we have the honestly silly,
Mine Launcher
This thing isn't actually the greatest in the whole offensive aspect, but it makes for an amazing distraction, dipping in and out with it's dual shields and full maneuverability, it's very hard to kill unless it gets in over it's head. Also it launches a ton of mines. Great in swarms and when paired with the sniper drones. Keeps the enemies moving slowly and the snipers away.
P Cost: 704

Fifth, we have the simple
Missile Boat
It's really simple so I can't really say much other than: It's a great support craft, but once and enemy tries to focus on it, it becomes basically tissue paper. It has very minor point defense and some little anti-drone weapons but it's really just there to add to the missile swarms. Great in swarms.
P Cost: 723

Sixth holds the
Sniper Cannon
This thing's basically a much more armoured and expensive version of the sniper drone. It features a great internal thruster compartment, a fairly armoured core to keep it alive, and two point defense lasers to catch a few stray missiles. Great in swarms.
P Cost: 1263

In seventh we have the supportive
Drone Carrier
This thing provides amazing support. With two of these on the battlefield, most ships don't have the point defense to counter it. It's not very well armoured and rely's on other ships to protect it, and that generator block is dangerously close to the core. It's in need of a revamp but I'm otherwise happy with it.
P Cost: 1606

Eighth, the outdated
Mothership A
My first ever attempt at anything big, and my only factory ship. This thing's incredibly poorly designed, I must admit. If the generator blocks on the back are hit, they'll sever all of the forward engines, and the steering on it even with all the thrusters is fairly terrible. It's point defense is centralized and was honestly just slapped on, and can't intercept missiles before they impact anyways. Most of the weapons are exposed and are very easy to shoot off. The engines don't have full shield coverage and even then it's minimal with only one. It's common to have only one of the large engines during a fight. This thing is desperately in need of a revamp, it's not really salvageable.
P Cost: 1667

In ninth we have the slicey
Beam Slasher Mk1
This thing is what the Mothership probably should have been. Well armoured thrusters, amazing point defense and can bisect an enemy if they get too close with those four proton swords. It has an overall station shield, then underlying shields. Three shield layers, (four including the station shield) protect the core. Though it's not very good when AI controlled. I'm very happy with this though.
P Cost: 3850

In tenth we have the extremely tanky
Obliterator Mk1
Okay, first off, let's count the amount of shields protecting the core.. Hmm.. Yup, that's nine shields. Ten is you count the station projector. Now, let's count how many point defense lasers this thing has.. Sixteen. Needless to say, this thing isn't the first thing to die, and will most likely be the last. This thing's extremely compact and well armoured, and has four plasma mortars, making that first fully strike truly something you really don't want to be hit by. Fairly maneuverable and overall reliable.
P Cost: 4227

Eleventh is the
Missile Carrier
This thing feels a bit off to me, and I'm not too sure about it's design, but so far it's held up pretty well. It can survive being pursued by enemies if they come in one at a time or are just fighters, and it's just in general a support ship. I don't like using the default lasers as point defense, but they tend to soften things up by the time they get in range of the proton swords. Not much else to say, sadly.
P Cost: 4254

In twelfth we have the skirmishing
This thing is.. well it's tough. But it's made to kill in the first strike. It has only the proton swords as point defense, all of those chargeable lasers are for the sheer core drilling power. The two exterior turrets are kinda iffy to me but they're well protected from the front. Overall I'm actually really happy with this design.
P Cost: 4923

In thirteenth, we have last but certainly not least, the
This thing is the pride of the fleet, and one of my favorite ships to play solo. This thing can take on agents by itself using hit and run tactics. The large plasma cannon batteries simply tear through ships that try to hit it head on, and it's point defense wasn't skimped on. It has 16 burst lasers and two proton swords for point defense. It has six shields at the bare minimum that have to be taken out before you can damage the core and is overall my absolute favorite of the fleet. The two generators next to the core I plan to move further away, and it's resource capacity is fairly minimal. I also need to armour that middle section a bit more but other than that. Amazing, though pricy. Ironically, I often refer to it as my capital ship.
P Cost: 6256

And that's my fleet, hope you enjoyed!
(Incase you want to stare at the ships without all those words:

File comment: Fleet Download
Reassembly_Shaporian_slot0_20160103_08.12.53.PM_6972P.lua.gz [27.99 KiB]
Downloaded 159 times

Author:  Camo5 [ Sun Jan 03, 2016 8:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Polygonal's Fleet

Fixed that for you.
(you forgot to add l.jpg to the end of all the url's)

Nice starter fleet ;) Might want to seriously buff the speed and armor of yer stuff ;)

Author:  Polygonal Person [ Sun Jan 03, 2016 8:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Polygonal's Fleet

Ah, thank you! I'll keep that in mind for the future.

Author:  DarkWingedDaemon [ Mon Jan 04, 2016 8:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Polygonal's Fleet

Add a drone launcher to the sniper drone. Ships with drone launchers try to stay out of enemy range.

Author:  Polygonal Person [ Mon Jan 04, 2016 9:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Polygonal's Fleet

Huh, thanks. Does this override things like proton swords and such? And is there any way to tell which weapons may give the AI different flags?

Author:  DarkWingedDaemon [ Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Polygonal's Fleet

It might if the proton sword is set to PD.

Fixed mounted weapons, and melee blocks change ship behavior by making them point as many of their fixed weapons towards the enemy as possible, and ramming into them at high speeds.

Author:  sumplkrum [ Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Polygonal's Fleet

Suggested name:

Since it's Polygonal's Fleet, how bout the Polygamists?


..... yeah?

....... ....... I thought it was funny. :)

Author:  ★ Conga ★ [ Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Polygonal's Fleet

sumplkrum wrote:
Suggested name:

Since it's Polygonal's Fleet, how bout the Polygamists?


..... yeah?

....... ....... I thought it was funny. :)

Why change the name when there's a group in the sim's named the Polygonal's?
Well, as I say that, it's actually Paragons but still, Polygonal's is a gud name.

Author:  Camo5 [ Mon Jan 04, 2016 8:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Polygonal's Fleet

...Fun fact...I never have ever messed with keybindings for my ships...I bet i could make them a lot better couldn't I...

Author:  Polygonal Person [ Mon Jan 04, 2016 8:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Polygonal's Fleet

Heh, I'll pass on that name, but thanks. xD I'll probably go with Polygonal's until I think of something that strikes my fancy.

Also, thanks for the tips. One question though, if a sniper ship were to have melee armour and a drone launcher, which one would take priority, by the way? I'd think the melee armour but I'm not sure. And yeah, I honestly set all of my beam weapons to point defense because they're really good for it, and why not shoot down some missiles aswell?

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