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Author:  jammer312 [ Sat Apr 25, 2015 10:19 am ]
Post subject:  WarpBomb

Simply ship for borgs (faction 6) build as not-so-legal solution to their lack of money-earning abilities. Vesion with lasers came slightly after because it's useful for invasion.
So, what it can:
It can earn you lots of R ( and so C ) in very short period of time (version with lasers gives ~90kR each explosion), and so can build entire fleet in minutes.
It have somewhat cool visual effect
How it works:
First, it uses lots of subcommand modules from sandbox (that's why it glow so bright) that give lots of R on destruction.For saving of time it have row of generators between subcommand modules and generator-detonator at the end.When detonators damages, it triggers chain reaction destroying entire row of subcommand modules and releasing tons of R.
Also because some funny mechanics of explosions of command(and sub- ones) modules it generates warm explosion visual on entire screen(but it don't damages anything :cry: ).
When it regenerates, it gains lot of R storage, and so it collects R appeared because of explosion.
This ship uses faction 7 core, so it CAN collect R and CAN build any ship.
So, you can choose ships to build and just hold factory build button ('F' by default) to "warp" great fleet at your position.
What you do:
Just crash into asteroid or ship with it's end, sit back and relax while it reassembles and collects R.

File comment: With lasers
Reassembly_Remordemef312_-_cluster_20150425_08.06.40.PM_[4021P].lua [25.68 KiB]
Downloaded 207 times
File comment: Without lasers
Reassembly_Remordemef312_-_clusterNoLasers_20150425_08.07.18.PM_[1995P].lua [24.76 KiB]
Downloaded 188 times

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