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More options for multiplayer
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Author:  Lord_Grievous [ Mon Nov 26, 2018 4:52 pm ]
Post subject:  More options for multiplayer

So a lot of my friends who play this want to be able to play either as a co-op or against each other, in a single-player map. So for co-op it'd be that two players are on the same team in a single-player like map, but the enemy challenge rating is doubled. For against each other, it'd be that the two+ players spawn on opposite sides of the map from each other, and then whoever wins in the end would be the winner. This is very different to the tournament, as it would be using the large map, having factions, and also testing a player's economic power. It'd be even cooler if people could save this, and come back later.
In short: a server hosted multiplayer world that takes place in the same map style that single-player games work. Where there's factions, stations, etc *no wormholes*

Another is more widespread tournaments, that you don't have to be steam friends with the person whom you're having a tournament with.

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