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Reassembly 2?
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Author:  Foghrye4 [ Mon Jan 01, 2018 9:25 am ]
Post subject:  Reassembly 2?

What game with a name "Reassembly 2" I would definitely buy:
Same as "Reassembly" but:
1. Real multilayer. How I expect that to be done:
1.1. Server hosts a map with practically unlimited height and width. New sectors generated only when player reach them.
1.2 While two players plays is sectors which are not intersect each other, they basically play single-player. Client only send periodical sectors update.
1.3 When other player enter zone where client interact with environment, other client will send projectile spawn events info and ship states.
2. Unlimited re-playability.
2.1 What currently handled by modders could be done by game itself. I mean block creation. Player should balance block as equation such as:
decode_price + ship_points + mass = health + energy_generated + weapon_damage + ... etc.
2.2 NPC fleets far from spawn may have same design as weak analogue, but be more powerful due to more advanced block components.
3. 1 year of free of charge access to official Anisoptera Games server with the purchase of the game.

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