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HC2, such a useless weapon 
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HC2 31P 105DPS 3000Range Velocity1100 75power/second DPS/power per second=1.4 DPS/P=3.39
HC3 58P 180DPS 3200Range Velocity1200 111.6power/second DPSpower per second=1.61 DPS/P=3.10

Generator 150p, 500power/second, 1power/second=0.3p

Set the DPS which use HC2 or HC3 to reach=X
Number of HC2=X/105 ,Cost 31X/105=0.29524X , power require per second 75X/105=0.71429X, which needs 75X/105/500=0.00143X number of generator(s). P of generator(s) = 75X/105/500*150=0.21429X , Total cost of Cannon(s) and Generator(s) is 0.50953X.

Number of HC3=X/180 ,Cost 58X/180=0.32222X , power require per second 111.6X/180=0.62X, which needs 0.62X/500=0.00124X number of generator(s). P of generator(s) =0.00124X*150=0.186X , Total cost of Cannon(s) and Generator(s) is 0.50822X

So HC3 cost less p than HC2, even including the generator(s).

Also, the total area you must have a look.
Total area of HC2 and generator(s) is 400*(X/105+0.00143X)=4.38152X
Total area of HC3 and generator(s) is 400*(X/180+0.00124X)=2.71822X
How big the difference is?!

And their mass are same.

So, no matter how you calculate the HC2 and HC3, HC3 always better.

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I think that's a nice analysis!

However the difference between .508 and .509 for combined cost is almost negligible. Also, you don't need to saturate your power for your guns, if you plan on taking out your enemies in a limited amount of time, then you can use your power capacity to kill the enemy and then recharge the lost power as you move to the next target, so on half power it would be HC2: 0.29524X + 0.107145X = 0.402385 X, HC3: 0.32222X + 0.093 = 0.41522 X, where the difference is 0.012835 X in favor of HC2 which is 9.8 times greater than the HC3-favored 0.00131 X difference when full power is used.

Of course half power runs the problem of running out of bullets when dealing with a very large enemy, so maybe we should calculate the actual power we would need. With half power, that would mean your maximum engagement can last 1500/500 / 0.5 = 6 seconds. So let's say in a 3 minute tournament the longest time spent in a straight up engagement is 60 seconds, we would probably need 3 / x = 60 => x = 1/20 => 0.05, so our 95% power totals would be HC2: 0.29524X + 0.21429X * 0.95 = 0.4988155 X and HC3: 0.32222X + 0.186X * 0.95 = 0.49892 X, with the difference being a super-small 0.0001045 X in favor of HC3!

Area isn't a problem if you're using stacking, although mass could be an issue. But regarding DPS, if you plan on having sub-minute engagements, then the HC2 is probably more P-efficient. Although HC3 has a better at range, but the additional shots from HC2 might be useful for point defense if you just need more bullets at a target.

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