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Author:  sumplkrum [ Sat Aug 13, 2016 5:36 am ]
Post subject:  Mod Groups or Sets

It's probably a bit late to implement into this game, but being able to make a 'Set' of mods that can be activated or deactivated would be a cool feature. ... especially considering the huge number of mods that the community has created.

For example;
If I'm playing the regular Reassembly factions, I will have the Vanilla Game Rock Hard mod and a few other player-added faction mods active. It's pretty much the same group of mods I always like in my game. ... This could be like a 'remembered' set of mods. Rather than clicking on all of them individually, I could activate them all at once just by selecting that remembered set.

Then I might have another set of mods I want active for when I'm playing with the Star Wars galaxy. This would be another group of mods that I want active when playing within that environment. So I would just select that group and all the mods would become active.

There would need to be a way to deactivate mods that do not fall within the active set. Maybe there would be a button to 'Deactivate All', so you'd click that before choosing your set. ... or, selecting a set would automatically deactivate all mods outside of that set. ... something like that.

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