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Faction Relations Inside Game 
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I may have not had the game for long, but I have had a good amount of digging, and I have found that certain factions have a main enemy, like the Bees faction and the sentient plant faction, but i haven't seen any in-game behavior that shows this. So, I have a suggestion for making a system how factions relate to each-other that adds more to the game, but still keeps the game relatively the same.

1. There are a few relation statuses that MAIN factions can have toward each-other: Neutral, Friendly, And Hatred.(Sub-Factions like the flies act differently from the main faction groups)

FRIENDLY factions will not actively attack other factions they are friendly with, but will defend themselves if attacked inside their territories. certain factions already act like this, Like the Borg, so this won't be hard to add to other factions.

NEUTRAL factions will act like most factions in the game normally, attacking enemies at their borders, and attacking stations slightly over their borders. They expand very slowly, but can be formidable opponents none the less.

HATRED faction have only 2 goals: the expansion of their race, and the extinction of their enemies. they will send wave after wave at their foes, no matter how well defended or strong they are, and can be considered on of the largest threats to the player's survival.

2. The faction the player is using can NEVER achieve "FRIENDLY" status with ANY MAIN faction.

3. Whenever a new world is created, either by making a new game or traveling through a wormhole, most faction relations are reset and randomized, but there are constants THAT STAY THE SAME, NO MATTER THE UNIVERSE. this list of constants will follow faction descriptions, and will be "Lore-Friendly"

This list will probably get larger in the future, and I am more than willing to take suggestions and advice. If this seems like a bad concept, just say it. I can take it.

Wed Dec 09, 2015 8:50 am
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A big part of why it seems the factions are mostly inert is because when the player isn't nearby (something like 1-2 sectors max range), most of the ships are, in fact, inert. They don't do anything or interact with anything. Agents get a slightly longer range and mostly pursue the player, but the rest of the world is asleep when the player isn't nearby. This causes the appearance that the default empires and factions don't seem to do a whole lot of anything.

I'd like to see the game do more with the empire-level content, but it's outside the scope of the game engine. Perhaps if there's a sequel some day we may see more? It's hard to say though.

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Wed Dec 09, 2015 6:01 pm

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Thanks for telling me that. I had no idea that happens. :P

Wed Dec 09, 2015 6:50 pm
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