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Expanded Key Binding 
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Hello guys,

I have searched the suggestions for this but haven't found a proper place where it was suggested besides a couple side mentions. I am rather new to the game and already loving it; I've played Gimbal before which is similar but lacking in many things that Reassembly does way better. However, there is something that I have always liked about Gimbal: you can bind pretty much anything to any key (not only weapons but also thrusters, turrets, etc).

Reassembly seems to handle thrusters by itself, which is quite useful. However, being able to bind them to specific keys would open an interesting array of possibilities. I am thinking for instance of recoil compensators for large ships with big guns. You could place a few thrusters just behind said weapons and bind their key to the same click of the weapon so they would push forward at the same time that the recoil pushes back. Granted, you can simply make your ship move forward at the same time for this, but I don't feel that it gets the same function; binding them would make them dedicated to those tasks and would allow you to properly "root" yourself to a point in space and act as long-range artillery. This could also open the possibility to add thrusters of instant boosts instead of continuous force.

Although thrusters are the first thing that came to mind this would apply to pretty much everything; overall having expanded possibilities to bind keys would give further options to customize ships with their own control schemes, and if more utility blocks like turrets or others would be introduced this would be even more useful.

Well, that's about it! I like the game so much that I'm even wishing that a DLC/Expansion would be released with even more content and possibilities, despite generally not agreeing with the DLC model :D

Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:54 am
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While that might be useful for players, the ai already does recoil compensation :3

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Mon Sep 07, 2015 8:15 am

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Camo5 wrote:
While that might be useful for players, the ai already does recoil compensation :3

As you said, it might (will!) be useful for players :P

You could also trigger thrusters in specific ways only instead of them all being used for movement - have some rear or front ones triggered with Shift for an extra boost when you want to accelerate faster than usual in a straight line or instantly stop or move back, or on side thrusters to be able to do instant side-steps before incoming shots. Of course all this would work assuming there would be thrusters of burst force (I don't know how else to call them) instead of only the current constant force ones.

I've no idea how hard it would be to implement and how much worth it the dev team sees it but it would definitely add to both the current possibilities and the future ones :3

Mon Sep 07, 2015 9:40 am
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tl;dr: Having played Gimbal, and enjoyed it, I can definitely appreciate this kind of option. I suspect it'll be very hard to implement, though.

In Gimbal, hotkeys are specified per-ship and are built to the specifications of that ship's designer. In Reassembly, the hotkeys are specified per player and are built to that player's specifications. The game also attempts to automatically control things like thrusters and orientation, with certain control schemes, to cause the player to travel in specific directions. In Gimbal, the keys are directly tied to specific modules and you don't necessarily have things like a "turn left" button, but rather the keys are set up so that thrusters will fire to turn the ship to the left or right (or the Mouse Facing AI can be used and it will manage those thrusters).

Both games are similar in that they're boat Legos and you fight each other, but at the same time they're different in their control schemes and focus from the ground up.

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Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:58 pm

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This seems like a fitting thread for this. It's not exactly about key binding, and not exactly a bug, but...

Can you see what is wrong with this ship?


The problem is it gets stuck, which is bad for a ship designed to ram. The two forward spikes were added as an afterthought to try and help it get stuck less, I wanted it flat at the front.

The reason it gets stuck is the automatic way the engine bindings work in cursor tracking mode. It fires the rear left / front right engines to turn right and vice versa. This is fine unless it is nosed into a wall, at that point I am hitting the reverse key and trying to position the cursor, but the reverse key does not cut power to the rear engines, and those engines push forward starting the two locked bodies spinning, which in turn makes it impossible to perfectly centre the cursor and stop the forward thrust.

To get unstuck, I have to switch to keyboard rotate and press only the reverse key for a second until it backs away far enough that I can press left or right (or wait for a helpful enemy to come and remove my rear engines) the front engines by themselves are enough to turn, but it can't go left without going forward, even if I'm holding reverse.

While I know I can fix the design with more engines facing backwards or a pointier front, I feel that this engine placement is sensible, but it relies on the engines to be bound to a forward/backward axis, rather than just the forward/backwards keys - pretty much the same way as they are bound to the sideways axis, in that hitting left or right will cut power to some engines, hitting forward or backwards should disable engines also. Essentially you add +1 or -1 for each axis, and only fire the engines that are >0.

Of course everyone's ships are designed around it not working this way, so if this was fixed I guess it would have to be optional, so as not to break existing ships.

Wed Sep 30, 2015 4:31 pm
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There needs to be in-game tutorial documents made of non moving images.
A series of screens-hots explaining every button with some text on top would do wonders.

i didn't realize my build order was going '1234' for weeks.

i didn't know that 'r' made the ship easier to control.

etc etc.

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Fri Oct 02, 2015 5:20 pm
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