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New Component Flags & syntax Suggestion List
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Author:  ★ Conga ★ [ Wed Mar 23, 2016 12:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: New Component Flags & syntax Suggestion List

[CHAINDECAY] - When this blocks is either destroyed or decays from lifetime, all blocks connected to this block decay in a lifetime format too~
This can be useful for fighters/dronecraft~

[Stealth] - Adds two varibles you can add "StealthTime" and "StealthPower"
StealthTime is the time your ship can stay stealthed
StealthPower is the regeneration rate of your stealth
When you're stealthed, you're both invisible/all parts have a high optancy and the Ai cannot target you (Unless the stealthed ship is being really aggressive, shooting all of their weapons~)
This could be useful for scouting, direction weapons and getting out of fights~
Stealth should be used for repositioning, not being invincible~

I tried~

Author:  Draxiss [ Tue Dec 12, 2017 1:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Component Flags & syntax Suggestion List

CHAINDECAY would actually be really really handy.
My suggestions are:
CANNONMUZZLE_LENGTH=[decimal value],
CANNONMUZZLE_WIDTH=[decimal value],
BEAMMUZZLE_LENGTH=[decimal value],
and BEAMMUZZLE_WIDTH=[decimal value].
EDIT: These would override the normal turreted cannon/beam muzzle lengths and widths. Heck, you could even throw in something like TURRETSHAPE=[shape ID, which could come from the mod's custom shapes.lua if applicable], which would allow for new and interesting shapes.

Although really, it seems like adding in a scripts.lua or some-such that could make use of player-invented flags would be a better idea. I don't know whether the game is done being updated or whatever, but that would be really nice before the end, so players have the ability to create new properties.

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