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Please do one final update to fix the remaining bugs 
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I know the game's had it's run and the developer is working on a new project, but if you have some time, there's so relatively easy to fix bug that I hope can get fixed to leave the game in the shrines of posterity

Several things bugging me right now, other people may have more, but here's my list
1. Q-E strafing keys are reversed in mouse-aim mode
This one is easy to test, try Q and E in mouse steer mode, then try Q and E in keyboard steer mode, and you see that they are reversed. This is a problem because you can't remember the same keys for steering in keyboard and mouse mode. Rebinding doesn't help because when you switch between mouse and keyboard mode, the strafing keys always get reversed. This should be an easy fix because you just have to change the keybindings.

2. Invincible Terran station cores
This is a problem because it takes away all the fun in invading Terran owned space. While there are mods that fix this, when you use the mod you can't fight agents that don't have the mod, and I noticed only 3 agents spawning with the mod activated. This should be an easy fix because only the Terran station core's stats need to be fixed.

3. Battleship stopping tree cores
This one I am not sure would be an easy fix, but I've seen it reported back in 2015. I would like to see this one fixed because it's looks ridiculous when a ship that's just rammed through an enemy battleship would get stopped by a tree. Maybe it has to do with how tree cores' check for plant-supporting-surface is interrupting the application of collision damage? What if the collision damage detection is switched ahead of the plant-support-surface detection?

Sun Sep 03, 2017 1:04 am
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I am definitely planning to do a few more updates! I know it's been a while...
I fixed the first two problems (in dev, not in beta yet) - I'm embarrassed that the Q/E thing wasn't caught earlier. The way collision damaged is handled is kind of hacky so I'm not sure about the last one...

Sat Sep 09, 2017 11:44 pm

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If i may add a few more bugs:

1: When any type of plant/building is attached to a block wich a ship or station try to grab for itself. The ship/station end up flying forever because the plant/building attached end up pushing the ship/station because it keeps holding onto the part. Please fix this, it makes it very problematic to play any faction with ENVIROMENTAL feature blocks.. When you see a big farmer station fly around from time to time...

2: The invisible shield bubble. This bug happens when there are too many missiles/drones flying around (i think) and this one is just simply irritating. Sometime you do not have time to look onto the small box in the upper corner to see if your shields are up. Would be nice if this bug would get removed..

Just a personal request: Possibly increase the Borg P spawning rate. Also nice if the bigger and better variants of the Borg drones were used. Borg is pretty much a joke now. Would like to see a few more designs for example using those bigger drones too. Ignore this request if you do not want to do this.

Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:27 am
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