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Looks like arthur has some competition! 
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An Insult and then a Veiled Threat!


SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: I own the game development team ZeroCubed. I am starting another development team called ZeroSquared, with the idea of getting inexperienced people and teaching them to be game developers. Would you like to join this secondary team?

IrdI Knightmarez: I'm already a game dev

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Oh?

IrdI Knightmarez: but i wouldn't mind brushing up on some skills

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: ZeroCubed is a team for experienced people.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: But ZeroCubed isn't a school for devs.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: It is an actual development team.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: As in, we are working on hard on some projects.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: working hard*

IrdI Knightmarez: got a link to some of your work?

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: I cannot show you the repository or actual classes for the program(s), but I can show you this.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: ... 8932233861
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: There is a lot to read, so...

IrdI Knightmarez: capacity = shellcore style game with an environment?

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Haven't heard of shellcore, one moment.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Yes.

IrdI Knightmarez: interesting
IrdI Knightmarez: have you played reassembly?

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: That is a.. reasonable definition.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Yes, I have quite a bit.

IrdI Knightmarez: his game engine is very good

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Reason I played it was becuase it was like Capacity.

IrdI Knightmarez: not using textures allowed for the granuality of the gameplay to be exceptionally high
IrdI Knightmarez: his AI programing is also exceptional

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Capaicty is already pixelated, but much higher definition as you may think. Art style is pixelated, but the effects such as engine thrust, anti-aliasing, gunshots, etc... will look very nice.

IrdI Knightmarez: hmmm
IrdI Knightmarez: it uses textures
IrdI Knightmarez: this is a normal way of doing things
IrdI Knightmarez: it looks like it has a nice retro feel

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Well...

IrdI Knightmarez: ?

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: I don't really have an easy way of showing you.

IrdI Knightmarez: its fine you don't have to show me stuff
IrdI Knightmarez: i understand its ok :3

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: May I ask you a semi-personal question?

IrdI Knightmarez: depends what it is

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Are you russian?

IrdI Knightmarez: no, i'm english

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: US or UK?

IrdI Knightmarez: UK

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Nice.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: I am from the United States, but I would rather be British.

IrdI Knightmarez: :S
IrdI Knightmarez: I'll take it as a compliment

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: So, you are a game developer aswell. Anything I can see?

IrdI Knightmarez: I once redesigned chess
IrdI Knightmarez: i can show you that i guess
IrdI Knightmarez:

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: ...and you made that?

IrdI Knightmarez: yes
IrdI Knightmarez: my silly hair XD

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Huh.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Must be having serious dejavu right now.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: I feel like I've seen that channel before.

IrdI Knightmarez: maybe

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Who owns that channel?
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: At the moment, I cannot listen to the volume of the video
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: I will read the rules in the description.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Okay, I understand the game now.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Yes. Making something suchas that is a good way to start.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: such as*
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Ahh, I love google.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: These people copying you, or what is your image from?

IrdI Knightmarez: Yep, they are copying me
IrdI Knightmarez: the 'knightmarezz' is me
IrdI Knightmarez: the rest?
IrdI Knightmarez: its just my personal project , lief
IrdI Knightmarez: i 'started' years ago =P

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Not to be insulting, but it seems like a very simple project. Something that could be planned out in a few days.

IrdI Knightmarez: ....redesigning chess....
IrdI Knightmarez: lol
IrdI Knightmarez: its designed for grandmaster level players
IrdI Knightmarez: lol, my clan'rogue drones' is a club where people pay me to train them to play games proffesionally

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: The projects in ZeroCubed are much more in-depth, but I find very entertaining to work on.

IrdI Knightmarez: from starcraft 2
IrdI Knightmarez: to lol
IrdI Knightmarez: to warframe

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Huh, sounds interesting.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: How much do you make?

IrdI Knightmarez: None of your buissiness =P

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: You could make $500 to $800 more a week in ZeroCUbed.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Cubed*

IrdI Knightmarez: *raises eyebrow
IrdI Knightmarez: We are friends on steam becasue i'm looking for reassembly players to be added to my steam list, so that i can pracitise against tougher opponents.
IrdI Knightmarez: Thank you for your offer but I am currently enganged with other projects, and steam is where i go to.....let off steam. if you know what i mean.

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev. is now Online.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: If you are ever interested in becomming a more professional game devleoper, I am here.

IrdI Knightmarez: More?
IrdI Knightmarez: I am looking forward to our fleets meeting in any reassembly tournaments
IrdI Knightmarez: good luck

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: I do not own Reassembly.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: I just played it a lot
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: I am too busy to rebuild all of my craft.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Plus, I would have to find a way to download the game again.

IrdI Knightmarez: pity
IrdI Knightmarez: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1866
IrdI Knightmarez: just slap something 4000p together
IrdI Knightmarez: whats the worst that could happen :)

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: The worst that could happen? I could miss a meeting, or something else important to the team and I.

IrdI Knightmarez: who said anything about doing it whilst at work :P

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: I am in school, or I am working, or I am doing something because my friends want me to, or (unoften) I am relaxing.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: I don't have much time for resigning my Reassembly ships.

IrdI Knightmarez: you could put in 4000p of small fighters in about 10minutes of work

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: I also have to redownload the game.
SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Like I said before.

IrdI Knightmarez: shame, i just wanted to see my ships beat yours in the face
IrdI Knightmarez: oh well
IrdI Knightmarez: never mind

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev.: Well, enjoy hosting a little reassembly competition.

IrdI Knightmarez: not me hosting it
IrdI Knightmarez: but whatever

SolarSupremacy - Game Dev. is now Online.

RogueDrone Steam Community. We are recruiting! '.'.'

Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:40 am
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So yeah. A insult and attack on my design skills and then a thinly veiled threat of copyright theft.

....what a prick....

RogueDrone Steam Community. We are recruiting! '.'.'

Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:42 am
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RogueDrone Steam Community. We are recruiting! '.'.'

Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:50 am
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RogueDrone Steam Community. We are recruiting! '.'.'

Fri Sep 11, 2015 9:46 am
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He seems like he's trying really hard to recruit for his game, but based on this Gamasutra article he's paying well below competitive salaries. Things could have changed in the last two years, of course, but I don't imagine most of those salaries would have decreased by 50%.

I do appreciate the tournament plug though. I don't anticipate seeing a fleet from him, but the more submissions the merrier.

NMSS Reassembly Tournament Archive

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Fri Sep 11, 2015 3:05 pm
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Knightmarez, you are depressing, you know? ;p

Cheer up a bit!

Using Beta, always! (Well, for Reassembly)
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Fri Sep 11, 2015 3:40 pm
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...that game looks an awfully lot like Inevitability Which I did end up buying to help the dev (emporer ben on skype) (and yell at him on skype about all the things he is doing wrong and why I keep breaking his game etc.)

That dev also sounds like a 12 year old.

The game where I originated as a member of this community. . VISUAL BASED MOD KIT!!
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Tue Sep 15, 2015 2:25 pm

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Well, I didn't mean to upset you. Sorry, man.

At the time, I was experimenting with alternate teams. Honestly, I completely forgot about the whole ZeroSquared thing. Now that I think about it, that would have been a terrible idea.

Also, @Camo5, I'm not 12. However, I'll take that as a compliment because not many 12-year-olds can run a business.

Thu Oct 29, 2015 7:38 am
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