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2nd Modded Tournament (Aleksander Wit as host)
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Author:  Aleksander Wit [ Sun Jun 09, 2019 7:29 am ]
Post subject:  2nd Modded Tournament (Aleksander Wit as host)

2nd Modded Tournament
(Aleksander Wit as host)

Announced 9th June, 2019
Deadline ~10:00 UTC, 15th June, 2019


Only one pool for the whole tournament, all submissions will fight all other submissions one on one. If a draw ends up between multiple competitors there will be a "champion pool" to settle the score.

For the purpose of this tournament these changes will be done:
All allowed command blocks will cost 10P or less.
kSlowGrowRate will be 1 instead of 0.2
kBlockExplodeChance will be 1000000000
Terran Teleporter P: 0P -> 150P
All of these changes are done through Aleksander Wit's Tournament Mod, i reccommend downloading it if you intend to join this tournament.

Banned blocks: Farmer: Superthruster, wedges. Terran: Station Command, Asteroid Thruster.

Only one submission per person.
Maximum 1 command block per ship.
Only all vanilla factions are allowed, even usually unplayable ones. Veteran's Challenge is allowed.
A fleet can only contain blocks from one faction as defined by their group ID, meaning the block shows up if you type palette+(faction id) in the sandbox.
500P fleet budget on all factions except Veteran's Challenge and Faction 16 which are both allowed to have a 1000P fleet budget.
100 acceleration minimum.
Spinners are not allowed.
Exploiting the game in odd ways except for stacking is not allowed.

Soft arena border.
10 000 arena size.
No asteroids.
Resources on.
2:30 time limit.
3 rounds pool mode.
Scoring mode: Damage taken.

The tournament will be streamed live on Youtube: ... xXuEFpK2Dg

Veteran's Challenge: ... 1138731283
Aleksander Wit's Tournament Mod: ... 1765312418

Send your submission directly to me in the Reassembly Discord Server or to this email:

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