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Remastered Tournament: April 1st, Some Crazy $hit 
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I was trying to figure out a good april 1st idea. Unfortunately, the ones that I had didn't work out as expected, so instead we're going to go with an extremely experimental stat change:
All terran weapons have had their range increased to 50% longer than the AI believes it to be. You could say that the AI is the one getting pranked.

- Subpool format, fleets added to pools based on first come first serve. I will try to have 5 fleets per pool.
- If you want to submit 2 fleets, you can, but they will not share a pool.
- 90hz physics tick rate.
- 8,000p fleet cost limit.
- 3 minute match timer.
- 10,000 arena size.
- Soft arena border.
- Damage taken scoring mode.

- No spinners of any speed.
- No ships without any weapons.
- No ships that cause extreme time dilation. If you are unsure whether your ship violates this rule, send it to me and I will check.
- Ships must not have multiple cores or be built using any blocks tagged as [ILLEGAL IN TOURNIES].
- Only Terran submissions will be accepted.
- Ships must have a minimum of 25 acceleration. If you are unsure whether your ship is too slow, you can check by selecting it in sandbox or by sending it to me.
Note that if you're unfamiliar with reassembly's acceleration values, 25 acceleration is roughly a 12000 mass ship being moved by 320kn of thrust.

- Station cores: A ship with a station core must have an acceleration below 25 and is allowed to spin slowly, bypassing the minimum speed and spinner rules. I reserve the right to veto a ship using a station core arbitrarily. The core will be replaced with something else in a future update which will break your ship. Build with it at your own risk.

- Please note there is currently a glitch with noclip blocks. If you know what the glitch is, do not abuse it or I will reject your submission. If you do not know what the glitch is, don't worry as you are unlikely to exploit it unknowingly.

Obviously, the tournament will be running with the Reassembly Remastered balance mod. Build your ships accordingly... though if you're exceptionally lazy many vanilla ships can be submitted directly with half their thrusters removed as the only modification.

Send your delicious fleets to my email:, or PM them to me in Discord. Submission deadline is the day before I upload the video at 11pm CST (GMT -5) on Sunday March 31st.
This tournament will be premiered instead of livestreamed.
You can catch the video to be premiered at 9pm CST (GMT -5) April 1st on my youtube channel here: ... 6PhdGhW_aw

Though I have shown a lack of ability to keep it updated, Fleet & Stream Archive can be found here:
If you do not want your fleet uploaded to the archive, let me know when you submit it.

In case you've never participated in a tournament before, Mons explains it best: "To submit a fleet, build your individual ships in the sandbox or campaign mode however you choose. Construct your final fleet in the Tournament menu and, at the bottom of the ship list, there is an export button. After export, the fleet should appear on your desktop as a .lua.gz file. Simply send that to me and I'll take it from there."

Thu Mar 21, 2019 8:11 pm
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