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#2 Capital Class Touranment
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Author:  Lapapsnow [ Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:55 am ]
Post subject:  #2 Capital Class Touranment

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Bi-Faction Warships!
*Best of both worlds.*

An extraordinary event has occurred.
Factions from all across the universe have begun to band together in some megalithic stand against an ever increasing onslaught of fresh races sprung from the very torn fabric of the reality that encircles them. *The Modded as they are called.*

You Commander, are one of those Vanilla Faction captains of the new United Factions.

***And it's time to kick tail.***

- Bi-Faction Tournament

- 38000p Max Fleet Cost
- 35 max fleet size

] Terran + Bee
] Farmer + Sentinel
] Red + Crystaline

Tinkeral is banned.

- - - SHIP RULES - - -

Each fleet **must** have **ONE** 16000p Orion-Class Capital Ship.
The Capital Ship must exceed the speed of the NMSS Evaluation Fleet's "Move Faster Than Me" ship.
The Capital may exceed the Max Radius to a limit of 2000.

Each Fleet **can** have **up to two** 8000p Alpha-Class Warships.
Alpha's must be **faster** than the CAPITAL ship.
Alpha's must be **smaller** than the CAPITAL ship.

Each Fleet may spend any of their remaining funds on ships valued **AT OR UNDER** 3000p
Beta/kind's must be **faster** than the ALPHA ships.
Beta/kind's must be **smaller** than the ALPHA ships.

- - -

] General

All Blocks must be part of the VANILLA - UNLOCKABLE - CAMPAIGN palette.

Time Dialation Rule:
Your fleet will be tested against itself in a 120 updates per second environment.
If it takes longer than 2 minutes to run a 1 minute round, I will reserve the right to veto your fleet.

- Asteroid Thruster - 18p 1000k thrust ( Terran ) : BANNED
- Super Thruster ( Farmer ) : BANNED
- Nuclear Option ( Sentinel ) : BANNED

- All warships require a weapons module.

- Stacking of blocks is physically impossible.
All blocks must be replaceable without ship wide annihilation.

- HOWEVER, enhanced engine bank designs are allowed.
( You can stack thrusters in thrusters, and have them slightly clip walls. But they may not be inside another non-thruster block. )

- No Asteroid Thrusters / Farmer Super Thrusters

- "Spinners" are disallowed as liquidation of crew is ill-advised.
No ships may spin when moving.

- All warships must match or exceed acceleratory capacities of the NMSS evaluation fleet.

The ReassemblyErect Tournament Mod will be used.
( Sorry Mons! )

Due: 4th May 2018 ( ) or via Discord PM

Execution: 5th May at 19:00 SAST ( No Daylight Savings in SA )
Streamed and uploaded to Youtube.

- - -

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