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The Hidden Lore of Reassembly #1 
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[ Begin Last Stand Navy Analysis ]

Dr L A-P:

I've just had a revelation as to how resources, and Power Points in Reassembly actually work.

As we all know P is required as a limiting factor and active cost in - what I shall now refer to as Active Modules or AcMs - weapons, utilities and generators on an entity. ( Ship or station, or what have you. )
However, what P truly is, is never explained in any indepth-meaningful way within the game, nor within the forums.

This, in accordance with the need for resources to "fuel" P in constructed ships, has led me down one of the strangest and most fun rabbit holes I have ever found in Reassembly.

Blatantly as we all know, you need resources to "build" a ship. Although, all that is truly produced is a Command Module with what we assume to be resources stashed away within its hold to begin construction.
Though this reassembly process can be done an infinite amount of times after sustaining damage and loss of parts, without any further resources introduced to the module at all.
This therefore leads us to believe that resources are non-essential to the creation of base-matter in the Reassembly universe.
Somehow all faction command modules are able to pull raw matter from the void of existence.

Which leaves us with an interesting conundrum.
What are resources rightly use for?
Blatantly not ship fabrication.
But, resource cost is always linked directly to the P cost of the entity in question.

So, what is P?

It is rightly assumed that it is some form of "power" that facilitates ship function in relation to Active Modules, but just what its nature is has always eluded us.

But I feel I can make an accurate guess.

In Reassembly, the pure purpose of the organic matter we gather, is to amplify, not fuel - as it is never used up - a form of consciousness and passive function that applies itself to Active Modules.

Rightfully interesting as the P cost or "deadliness" of modules is often higher if they perform 'stronger' functions.
Alluding to the use of resources as a system of mental or operational pushing force, or voltage ( if thinking in terms of electricity is easier ) to increase the strength of the ship's intelligence to handle more AcMs.

Interesting then that 8000p is the maximum limit.
Somehow saying that 8000 units of organic matter is the most you can graft onto one singular consciousness before it becomes too unstable ( or too overcrowded in that little module ) to support.

All in all, what we see resources being truly used for, is as a cognitive increase drug for our beloved Reassembly starship pilots.
Somewhere out there in your computer game, is a starship with 8000 units of organic resources all wired up to an AI core.

Or someone's brain.
Crazy to think.

[ Conclude Last Stand Navy Analysis ]

- How R translates to C, which translated to P.
Of which can still be dropped as R on "death".
Is still a topic of speculation.


Last Stand Commander over and out.

Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:24 am
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I like it, very interesting view on things.

Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:56 pm
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Interesting... I would however find it hard to believe that a 500+ P spinal cannon takes 10 times as much cognitive ability to operate as a cheap PD cannon.

I would however like to offer a new perspective though, maybe all the ships follow the unspoken religion of The Code, basically like a Space Bible which dictates the rules of combat. For example "thou cannot reconstruct more parts beyond your original design", "if under AI control, thou must run into melee range of dying enemies", and stuff like that. And P is a holy form of currency accepted by all faithful followers of The Code. Sometimes the ships get possessed by demons that try to make them heretics, for example a demon can instruct a ship to equip powerful thrusters and recoil in order to hop outside a tournament border, which is usually forbidden by The Code.

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Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:33 pm

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Welll Splinter.

It actually makes full sence if you imagine that the Intelligence, needs to operate every-singe component of that module to make it work. Heck yeah then a 500p weapons would need 10x more than a PD laser.
It most likely has a load more moving parts. Not to mention the part of it that *MAKES* the rounds.

So yeah. Amusing.


Last Stand Commander over and out.

Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:10 pm
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the true question now: what about the red ?

Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:40 am
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The Reds exist to flourish.

They are not hostile or angry by nature, but others see them as hostile simply because they are Red.


Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:44 pm
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