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Feedback FAQ 
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Modding docs are available here:

What is the most useful kind of feedback?
Any kind of impressions relating to the game are useful. This includes descriptions of how you felt playing the game, stories about what you did, specific features that you liked or did not like. Balance or pacing issues, where you felt that certain situations were unfair or you wished they were more challenging. Suggested features. Screenshots or exported ship files. One of the best forms of feedback is screen recordings or saved twitch streams - I can learn a huge amount just by watching you play.

What is the best way to send feedback?
I am happy to receive it in whichever format is most convenient for you - email, forum posts, private messages, twitter, etc.

What is the best way to report bugs?
It depends on they type of bug. For user interface and design bugs, a very specific description of the problem is usually enough. Pictures, and especially animated GIFs, are very helpful. is a great free GIF capturing tool, and can provide painless hosting.

For crash bugs, I need to be able to make the game crash in the same way on my dev machine in order to fix it. The log file is very helpful for this. If you can consistently make the game crash by following a specific series of steps, please describe the steps in enough detail that I will be able to follow them. If the bug is specific to your save file, sending me a zipped copy of your save directory will greatly aid in debugging. If the game just crashed randomly and you were not doing anything specific, the log is usually the best we can do.


If the game crashes on startup, you can try running in min spec mode: Right click on Reassembly in the steam library view and select "Properties", then SET LAUNCH OPTIONS. Paste in "--MinSpec=1". This will turn off all the fancy graphics options - if it works you can try turning them back on in the Options menu and see which one is causing the problem.

Where are the save and log files located?
The base directory is platform dependent. Note that these paths also change depending on the OS language - these are the English locations.
If the game is run through Steam save files (but not logs) will be in the Steam directory to enable cloud saves

Steam:<SteamLibrary>/userdata/<random number>/329130/remote/data/
<SteamLibrary> on Mac defaults to /Users/<You>/Library/Application Support/Steam
<SteamLibrary> on Windows defaults to C:/Program Files/Steam
Windows:C:/Users/<You>/Saved Games/Reassembly/data/
Mac: /Users/<You>/Library/Application Support/Reassembly/data
Linux: /home/<You>/.local/share/Reassembly/data

Within this directory each save slot creates a directory called "save0", "save1", etc.
The game log is "Reassembly_log_<time>.txt" in this directory. This file will be copied to your desktop if the game crashes, but it is often useful for debugging non-crash problems.

How do I run the game? Is there an installer?
Steam is the easiest way.
For Humble Store:
On Windows:
1. Unzip (right click, "Extract All")
2. Within the extracted directory, run "vcredist_x86.exe". This will install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Redistributable - basically just some .dlls that are necessary for the game to run. This installer is also available on Microsoft's website, and it only needs to be installed once.
3. To run the game, enter the "win32" directory and double click on "ReassemblyRelease".
4. you can move the extracted "Reassembly" directory anywhere you like, or rename it. It may be convenient to create a shortcut to run the game - to do this right click on "ReassemblyRelease", go to "Create Shortcut", then drag the shortcut to your desktop. Save files are created in a system directory so all you need to do to switch to a newer build is repeat the process (minus step 2).

On Mac:
1. Mount Reassembly.dmg (double click)
2. Within the archive, drag "Reassembly" to "Applications"
3. Run Reassembly to start the game.
4. If you get a message about the application not being allowed to run, set "Allow apps downloaded from:" to "Anywhere" in System Preferences->Security & Privacy (this is not the default since Mavericks).

On Linux:
1. tar xvzf Reassembly.tar.gz
2. ./Reassembly/linux/ReassemblyRelease64

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Watch this video on how to find your file folders. Don't respond in this thread. ... b1GBQxWSPQ

The game where I originated as a member of this community. . VISUAL BASED MOD KIT!!
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Sat Aug 16, 2014 1:17 pm

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A thing about running the dev version on a Mac, you can right click on it and click open to run it without changing that setting. It will require a password though.

Sun Jan 18, 2015 1:39 am
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